Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Okay, Holiday Card Opinions Needed

Need some help here, your thoughts at least. I am starting to look into ordering holiday cards. I LOVE getting all of the photo cards that I do every year and watching how friends kids grow and change or maybe even a little insight into a family holiday trip or something. I am moving pretty soon here, so I will be sending out change of address cards too. Here are my random thoughts and questions that I would love to hear back from you on.

I have found some great holiday cards from Traylor Papers which is one of my favorite stationary sites. I loooove all of the Lulu that they carry. But I have also fallen in love with some of their photo cards. I would love to send a picture of myself with my niece and nephews on my front porch of my house. My sister and I do not really send cards to the same people, but I am not sure if this would be weird. They of course are not MY kids, but then again, I am not going to have any and they are just like my own. Most of my card list (okay 98%) is out East. All of my friends know that I mainly moved back to MN for my family so I thought maybe this would be a good way of showing them a little bit of me in MN, but is it tacky? Is it too much? I can always just do Lulu cards. Another thought that I had was trying to design something of my own and sesnding it as a change of address and holiday card, but I am not sure if I should combine the two. One of the reasons I was thinking of doing this was, I know how much mail people get during the holiday's and I didn't want to add to it or get lost in it. Any thoughts anyone may have would be greatly appreciated!

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