Thursday, October 12, 2006

More **SNOW**

It snowed AGAIN here today! And it was only 20 degrees when I left for work this morning. I am telling you right now, it is just way too early for stuff like this to be happening. I don't have my winter coats out yet, so therefore I do not like to wear skirts in this kind of weather, and I need to dress warm, it has been a bummer trying to get ready in the morning.

I figured out today that I have approximately 17 meals a week at work. That is out of 35. That is a lot. So this may seem stranger, but I basically have more groceries here at work than I do at home. The meals that I do eat at "home" are either with the boy out or at the boy's house so I don't keep that much at home. On Monday's I usually run down to Target to grab my yogurt, some cheese, crackers and whatever else sounds good for the week, granola, cheez-its, microwave popcorn. It is really quite convenient to have a Target right downtown here. I also keep a place setting complete with placemat, napkin and silverware. Now some people might think this a little strange, but think about it, if I am eating about half of my meals at work a week, shouldn't I be as comfortable here as I am at home?

We worked on the house again last night, it is really coming together. I was quite tired though and the boy could tell immediately so he said we would make it a short night and go and get something to eat, which we did. I went right to bed pretty much after I got home though AND I slept through my alarm for 25 minutes which I never do. Something is a little off so I made an appointment for a check up just to make sure everything is okay, doesn't hurt. Maybe it is just the change in seasons and this snow though.

Had my eyes checked today too, they have gotten a little worse, I guess that goes with getting a little older though. I was given a new pair of contacts to try out for a couple of weeks and then we will see what I need going forward. This is kind of a bummer since I have three unopened boxes at home, but what am I to do, I really have not been able to see that clearly.

Uneventful day, I know I have errands I need to do, just don't seem to have the energy, we will have to see how revived I feel when I leave I guess.


lisagh said...

It's been snowing here for 2 days as well. Ridiculous! And today we are also having a wind storm. Fun fun fun living in the north. YUCK!

Susan Dench said...

Snow is the "S-word" in our house - the girls love it (visions of cancelled school) and I hate it. The good news about winter - it's usually not humid so lots of great hair days!

jillskict said...

I like snow in the winter, it is snow during the fall that I am not a huge fan of. I like snow when it is 35 degrees. I don't like freezing temperatures more than one day in a row. MN is not the best place to be for something like that, but last winter was pretty mild and I was in FL for the two big snowstorms so I made it. This winter may be a different story all together!