Friday, October 13, 2006

In Anticipation of the Weekend

I am and have been addicted to Grey's Anatomy. But I am having a hard time getting into it this season and find myself getting angry at the characters. I don't think that is a good thing or healthy for me. Last night I was mad at Meredith for being such a drip, and then Finn is so sweet (if you have tivo'd and not watched don't read this part) how she could pass him over for McDreamy is beyond me. George, tries so hard to play the knight in shining armor and is such a good friend, but I am really unsure of his priorities when he passes up a passionate and romantic date with his girlfriend. And Burke, he needs to communicate a little bit better and say what is on his mind. I will give it a couple of more weeks. I watched Six Degrees after that, and when I saw the adulteress get socked in the face I wanted to cheer! I kind of like that show, not sure yet. I missed ER and I also missed K. Fed on CSI, but from the reviews I heard this morning, I did not miss much. I also heard that he "made" Brittney fire her male dancers for her upcoming video shoot and hire only women. I hate controlling men. I think I hate women who listen to them just as much though.

It was SO cold last night. I could not wait to get home and just put on cozy flannels and snuggle down into my bed with my heated mattress pad, down comforters, my magazines, a bowl of grapes (a glass of wine would have been better, but I was already really tired) and watch my shows. Winter seems to have come early this year and I am not quite ready, could use a couple more weeks of fall.

So, the boy sends a note this morning about the weekend and what is on the agenda, or should I say his and what he thinks will be on mine. He has drills this weekend, which I know means there is no time for me, which is fine, I respect that. At the same time, he did say last night that movie night for tonight was still on. Well, now he is not quite sure (*but I am just supposed to be "on hold" until he decides what he "feels" like, I don't think so*) and while he still wants me to take pictures at the house this weekend so that we can continue to document the work in progress there at 1 week intervals, he is not sure if Saturday or Sunday would be better and he is not sure when. UGH! Why are men so, I don't know, clueless? I guess I should just sit by the phone all weekend and twiddle my thumbs and wait for him to call so I can jump and be right there. I think not. I let him know what MY plans were for the weekend and if taking the pictures Sunday at the time we had previously discussed worked out then that would be great, otherwise, sorry that things do not always work the way that we want them to.

He is wonderful in so many ways, and I know that and appreciate that. But we did just have a discussion last weekend about how he needs to be more thoughtful and considerate of my needs too and while I know he has a lot going on at the moment with the house, his family and waiting to be deployed, my thoughts, feelings and needs cannot go completely to the wayside, which I thought he had understood. But then again, a male, things go in one ear and out the other I guess. We will see what he comes back with, I was nice enough about it. I am very flexible and understand his drill weekends, I offered up bringing over a movie, ordering in something, just going to grab a bite to eat, whatever works. We will see I guess.

A long-time friend of mine in Chicago was due to have her baby (her third) in October. The other day I had a funny feeling and had not heard from her in a while so I emailed her, later that night she sent a note saying that my feeling was right and that they had the baby, a boy, earlier that day. They named him Finnegan Terrance (can you tell they're Irish), I love the name. She has a boy Andrew who is 18 and headed off for his Freshman year at Boulder earlier this fall and a darling little girl Meaghan who started first grade this fall, so she really has her hands full, but I am really happy for both her and her husband. I will be putting together a package to send down to them this weekend. She emailed me earlier this morning and said what she could really use is a nanny. I thought about packing up and heading down there to take on those charges, but, alas, I will put together a fun package and get it off Saturday instead. I didn't know the gender (neither did they) so I had been holding off on a few things, but I did pick up The Three Martini Playdate: A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting which I think will come in handy. I will have to find some other cute things as well. I would like to head down for a visit, and would drive considering it is only 5 hours, but I will have to wait and see what the weather holds over the next couple of months. Even with an AWD I am not a fan of snow driving.

Well, with most of the weekend plans still up in the air due to the boy being a typical male, I am not sure what to anticipate for the weekend. Hopefully it will be a good one!

"There is no greater loan than a sympathetic ear. "
— Frank Tyger

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In order to play the "Girls in the Know" game I need an email for you.....

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