Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still Rooting for Them!

I went to the Twins playoff games the past two days. Noon games so I did a half day of work both days. It is really throwing off my schedule though and playing catch up is nearly impossible. They have lost both games so far but both games have been a lot of fun. I went to Tuesday's game with a Tim, a friend from Target. He had to lie to his GF about who he went with, I am so glad I don't have to worry about stuff like that and I can just tell the boy the truth and not worry about things. We had a really good time and met up with some other friends after. Yesterday I went with Laurel another friend from Target and that was fun as well. After we ran into a guy that I went to HS with, that was interesting but nice to catch up with him as well. Between the past two days, and tennis Monday and now the Wine Club tonight I am just beat. I will be glad when this day is over, but Saturday morning I don't get to sleep in but get to torture my body with the class that my sister and I are doing again. Oh well, I know that it is good for me. Tomorrow night is movie night anyway, so at least I know I will be taking it easy.

I really hope that the Twins win the next two games and then bring it back home here on Sunday to win the series and go on. I would love to see that happen, but one can just hope at this point. I am curious to see how many show up for Wine Club this time. I have had 9 confirm, but then again last time I had 8 confirm and 1 person showed. I have not had as much time to organize for this like I wanted to but I did put together a questionaire and pick up a couple of books so I am hoping that will be good. I am also hoping to be out of there by 7:ish so that I can get home in time for Grey's, silly maybe, but I would like to just unwind and watch tonight. Note to self *next time do not try to do too much in one week*.

The boy is really cruising on the house and has been there every night this week. The carpeting goes in next Tuesday so he needs to have almost everything done. I think that he will, but I also realize that he is stressed. We are going to a birthday party Saturday afternoon that a friend of his is throwing for his wife's 30th birthday. It is supposed to be 80 on Saturday, and this party is at TWO! I don't know who plans a 30th birthday party for a Saturday at 2 but it should be interesting. I am not sure what to where yet or what to bring as far as a gift since I don't even know them. These situations can be tough. I could just go with a bottle of wine, but it is so. . . blah. . . I will think of something, but not knowing them makes it tough. I was thinking about cut flowers in a vase, but again, what if she has her arrangements already out (although this is MN and I doubt it) I was also thinking a book, but not knowing her, I am not sure what to get her. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

On another note, I received my package yesterday from Three Chickadees and I was so excited! I ordered a watch with four different bands and three headbands (matching of course) and I loved everything and cannot wait to order more! I have not worn a watch in some time and I just love this one and with the matching bands I can wear it with just about everything! I was also turned onto Pamela Barsky by The Bossy Bar Wife. The site has some great journals and notebooks, which I just love and I am constantly writing things down in something cute like that. I love the fact that I have been finding all sorts of great web sites through all of these wonderful blogs in the past couple of weeks. I also am really happy that I have found these blogs, it really makes me feel like I am not alone in the world and I am not as freakish as people make me out to be here just because I take care in my appearance and dress. There are things that I care about that no one here seems to. Etiquette, manners, dress, entertaining, shopping (okay the last one, I am sure I can find someone who likes to shop here, but not like I do anyway), these are things that are important to me and always have been, I also enjoy trying new things and enhancing what I already have by expanding on what I already know. Well, reading these blogs every day really does make me feel like I am not alone, so I guess a thank you to the blog world!

I have given into fall completely, even though it is going to be 80 here on Saturday and I don't really mind it so much anyway, but the one thing I am really struggling with is a fall bag. I have three Burberry's that I purchased in London on a couple of visits and when I lived there, so those are always good stand-by's and I have few others, but I always like to buy one new bag every six months and I have really struggled with what I want. I KNOW that I don't want one of those big slouchy bags, just ugly, but I would like something I could use for everyday for work that would go with just about everything. Suggestions are MORE than welcome and I don't want to break the bank necessarily due to the fact that I will be moving and decorating my cottage in a few weeks, just a good stand-by!

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I love Three Chickadees and Pamela Barsky!