Monday, October 02, 2006

Poker Run

The weekend was picturesque here is MN this past weekend. Absolutely beautiful. The weekend got off to an interesting start on Friday when I received an email from J. as I was getting ready to leave work telling me that she had gossip she needed to share with me that only I would appreciate. Curiosity got the best of me and I told her to give me a call. She shared the sordid tale of a person I helped through a rough time about a year ago and how she had been conducting her life in the past year. I am not sure if I really needed or cared to have the information, but so be it, it is what it is, it is not my life and it only confirms decisions I have made in the past year about whom I choose to spend my time with.

It came up in conversation that we were both going to the Twins game with our boys. She also mentioned that there were a group of friends/former co-workers that were all getting together prior so I thought it might be fun if the boy and I met up with them, which we did. It was okay, good to see everyone, nice for the boy to get an inside look as to what life was like prior to him and such. The game was awesome, we had an excellent time, they wound up losing, but yesterday they took the division title. So now, it is off the the playoffs. I am going to the games tomorrow and Wednesday and if needed, Sunday as well, so I am sure it will be a hectic week. Tomorrow and Wednesday's games are at noon, so I will only be working half days (darn it!) but how often does your team go to the playoffs?

I attended my first ever Lake Minnetonka Poker Run, which was an absolute blast. I was on the boat of a co-worker and her husband. There were about 14 of us and we went from bar to bar around the lake and collected our cards while consuming plenty of alcohol and just having a good time. The boy worked on the house all day so he met us back at the club house and our final stop and joined us for dinner which was nice. It was a really neat way to do a poker tournament and I met a lot of really nice people. There will be pictures tomorrow, if I have the opportunity to post before I leave for the game, but my cord is in my work bag, which is in my car, which is still out at the Lake. Told you it was a good time!

The boy and I worked on the flip house all day yesterday, made a lot of progress and I have no doubt that it will be on the market by the 13th. It is really coming together. I mowed the lawn again and washed windows. The carpeting will be installed on the 10th, that will pretty much be one of the last things to get done. It has been fun to watch him transform this house and the level of detail that has been involved. I can see why he is so passionate about it and enjoys it so much.

Tennis tonight, would rather be at home or the Twins rally, my right hand is sore, but I know once I get out there and start playing it will be good. I was given a bunch of Creative Memories things so that I can start my scrapbooking, now I just need to take the time to do it! Pictures tomorrow!

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