Thursday, September 28, 2006


So it has been a week since I last posted. I have been busy but it is actually work that has gotten the best of me.

We went to see Flyboys on Friday and also grabbed a burger at Red Robin. It was my first time there and I have to admit, their burgers were delicious. I am getting to be a regular on Friday's at boys movie night. But seriously I think it is very sweet that he includes me and I am glad. I met the boys again at MOA. I needed to replace my brown shoes that were too big and figured I would get there early and duck into Nordstroms, I LOVE their shoe department. However, I couldn't find anything. I just wanted something chocolate brown, something classic with not too high of a heel. So I went off to meet the boys at Barnes and Noble. On my way I happened by Ann Taylor and figured I better pop in there. Wouldn't you know it they had exactly what I was looking for! I was very happy though. We stopped by my truck before heading to the movie to drop off my purchase, and boy was the boy giggling up a storm. He had figured out where I was parked and YES, my car did need to be washed, but it had been raining that day and it was going into the shop the next, but the boy had written on the back of my SUV, "I wish my girlfriend was this dirty". Now I have to admit, I thought it was pretty clever. Just wish I had wiped it off before my father took it into the shop the next day for it's 30K check up. At least he has a sense of humor as well. The movie was good, the two of them cracked me up with their funny comments all the way through it though.

We worked on the B.P. house Saturday, we were both pretty tired at the end of the day. I went over to the house that I am moving into November 1st on Sunday. I really love the cottage, it has so much charm and character, it is in the perfect location and it is just the right size for me. There are so many personal touches inside the house I just cannot wait! Pat who currently owns the house met me there so that I could ask questions and such. She explained a lot of the history to me and told me about the neighbors, very nice.

I had made sandwiches before I left the house, so I took those with some grapes and crackers over to the boy and we had a nice picnic outside at the B.P. house. But then I left and let him get on his way so that I could get things crossed off of my "ta-da" list. I was able to get my car washed, get to Sprint and run a couple of other errands before heading home to get household chores done. I still have my CT number on my cell phone and do not want to change it. This is tough for the boy though because every time he or anyone else call me from their home it is long distance. I was able to get his home long distance switched to Sprint and then he can call me for free now. I kind of felt bad when he told me his monthly had gone from $35 to $85 a month. . .oops. . .expensive but worth it?

We worked at the B.P. house Monday after work and it is really coming along. I am sure that he will have it up and on the market in no time at all. Tuesday I stayed home from work, I am not sure if it is just stress from work or if I had a bug or what but I was just run down. So I got some things done at home cleaning and organizing which made me feel a bit better.

I went by my sister's girlfriend Jenni's last night and dropped some of my clothes off for her tag sale. I hope that she has a good one, but the weather is not that great. Her little guy Elias who was born April 28th at 24 weeks is doing SO good. He was weighed yesterday and is 11 lbs. 7 oz. and his adjusted age would be 2 months, but boy is he a trooper. I had lunch with a friend from Target yesterday, it was nice to see her. She is getting married in February and they are having a destination wedding. They will be having a reception in March in WI where they are both from, she is a sweetie so I am looking forward to that.

I have to get some more things knocked off of my to do list this weekend, but it might be tough. The boy and I are working on the B.P. house tonight, then we have the Twins/White Sox game tomorrow night. Saturday I will be out on the Lake all day with friends so maybe Sunday *if I am feeling all right*. I need to get some material and estimates for the reupholstery of a settee that I have that I would like ready for when I move in as well as a chair. I also need to go through my clothes again, and figure out what is still needed. Banana is having a fabulous sale, I will probably swing in there tomorrow and I have been eyeing the Gap Audrey Hepburn pants, I think those would be a good basic staple for the winter as well. I also ordered some plants from Aquatic Plant Depot and I will be putting together a couple of these next week so I need to get a couple of beta fish as well. The boy would like one and I want one for home and work. I am sure that my sister is going to want one as well, so hopefully I ordered enough plants. I also need to take Monogram Mamas advice and pick up a couple of synthetic pumpkins to get to work on, I would like to maybe make a topiary for my front porch as well as do one for my mom and sister.

I still need to scrapbook the pictures from my trip out East with the girls, not sure when I will get to that. So that is what is in store for this upcoming weekend at least, I think that should keep me busy anyways!


Susan Dench said...

I am crazy for houses with character and charm - can't wait to see more pictures of the cottage!

Meg said...

OH MY. I LOVE your cottage!!!! Thank you for posting a picture. I, too, can't wait to see more. What colors have you been thinking about? You could have a lot of fun with that great trim. I love it!

bethy said...

is that your house, the yellow one? it is just picture perfect. yellow is my favorite house color, but my house is white, which i really like too. it really is just gorgeous, you are so lucky :)

bethy said...

it's me again, i just noticed the roof, oh my gosh! it is like a storybook house! now i am really starting to get jealous :)