Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I went home early Friday from work with the flu. Sore and achey and could barely function. Slept from 5:30 Friday until 10:00 am Saturday morning. Then slept most of the weekend away until I ran out of drugs Sunday and had to go out to replenish. I stopped to see the boy at the flip house and he greeted me with my own key to his house, my status has been upgraded. I went back to his house laid on the couch, made dinner and waited for him. I still have not eaten much since Thursday, but I am starting to feel as though I am amongst the living. Today is the first day I have started to feel like myself. I HATE being sick. This flu has turned into a chest cold and I am just dealing at the moment. I cannot sleep for more than two hours at a time without waking up coughing.

I hope each day gets a little better. We have two parties on Saturday that I would really like to go to and I would just like to spend some time with the boy in general. My mom has commented every day about how terrible I look which is of course what you want to hear, today though she actually said it looked like I had some color in my face and maybe my fever had gone down. But, of course I still need to do something with my hair (ummm, no, when I don't feel good, it goes on top of my head, that is it). So nothing new and nothing exciting until I am at 100%.


lisagh said...

Get well soon!

Bossy Bar-Wife said...

Yuck. I hope you feel better soon!

Monogram Momma said...

I've been sick this week too, Jilly. This stinks. HOpe you get well soon!