Thursday, October 26, 2006

Politics and Friends

Yep, pretty much for the most part, the two should not mix. I like to keep my political beliefs to myself unless there is a heated exchange of words happening and I am involved, then I may have to fess up my true feelings. But for the most part, as my father says, when consuming alcohol, one should never discuss, politics, religion, money or how much one makes and sexual gender matters. For the most part I think he is right. I am not sure why I am thinking about this now, it is not like I have been drinking with this crud still in me, I guess maybe it is because of the email the boy sent to me while I was at a work lunch.

A close friend of his, whom he is in the Navy with, went active duty a year ago and took a post in Afghanastan. I have never met this person, he was home for a week in July, to see his "fiance" who never picked him up from the airport and then subsequently broke things off with him. He went on a blind date the next night though, not to worry, and picked up a bartender the night after that, and then wound up staying with another ex whose mother caught them in bed together. UGH! Okay, so maybe I already have some opinions formed about this person before I have even met him, but it is REALLY hard not to. For being 35 years old, he still does not know what he even wants to do with his life. So, he is in Afghanistan, and he had emailed the boy yesterday, talking about his mobilization and saying how if there were any open slots in Iraq maybe he would put in for it (last week he was going to come back here and live in Hudson, WI, or teach at a military base in VA or go back to law school). So now today, he CALLS him, and says there are active duty spots why don't he and the boy BOTH put in for a year. . . UGH!!!!! This guy just does not seem to have consideration for anyone but himself and will take anyone down with him. He has not lived here in a year and has no idea what his life is like at the moment. I wonder if he has ever even asked the boy, what are you going to do with your life, what do you want out of it? It is SO frustrating. I am not sure how I will be if I ever do meet this person, but right now all I want to do is SHAKE HIM! The boy has said in the past that he would not volunteer to go, but if mobilized then so be it, that is what he signed up for. He TOLD Brian that at Drills next weekend he would talk to his contact about these 12 month active duty open slots. . . .WHY??????? By next week I am sure this Brian will have changed his mind and moved onto something else, but meanwhile the boy, he would probably be stuck being active for a year.

Again, friends and politics, don't ask why I was thinking about it, but I was.

My stomach and throat hurt so much from coughing, I really just want to go home and sleep. Maybe I will. Maybe I am just grouchy, and the boy is being so nice, I better be too. He wants to know when we are getting our pumpkins to carve this weekend, I think it is sweet that he wants to do that with me. I will behave, but sometimes it is hard to bite my tongue.

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