Friday, October 27, 2006

Party Weekend

This weekend we have a couple of parties to go to. Costume parties, the boy has left me completely in charge of his costume, has not really even asked much about it, we will see how that goes over. I was able to find him a pair of Sperry's so the shoe's worked out. I have not even fully decided what I am wearing yet, but with being sick all week, I kind of put it on the back burner.

The first party is a friend of his and his wife from college. It is more of a kids/adults party and since we do not have any kids, I am not sure how it will go. His brother and his brother's girlfriend might be going which would be nice too. I am not sure how long we will be staying though. Then we are off to the 80's party which should be a lot of fun, just adults and friends of mine that he has not really met yet. It should be fun though. I am picking up a traveling bar case from my mother tomorrow and I am going to be getting the ingredients to make my own pumpkintini's as well (*thanks MM the recipe could not have been more timely*). I am hoping this crud that I have is gone by then, but I doubt it and I have already warned him and a few other's that I may not last very long.

We will be grabbing the usual dinner and a movie tonight, but I am pretty tired already, so it will be an early night and we will be sticking close to home. The house is on the market, first open house this weekend, I am hoping that it sells fast. I have uploaded all of the pictures, 6 weeks worth, to the kodak site and last night I put them into a book for him so he can see what that looks like. We will take on final set of pictures Sunday before the open house, looking forward to that and having more free time to spend with the boy before he has to leave.

Hopefully there will be some good pics from the weekend, we are going to get our pumpkins this weekend as well, I thought it was very sweet that he wanted to get pumpkins to carve with me, so it should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend, looking forward to some pics!

Monogram Momma said...

Hooe you are feeling better, Jilly. I am still under the weather and have issued a "911" to my mom to come up for a few days. I'm dying to know how the Pumpkintini's are, so please share! I made the pumpkin pancakes for b'dast yesterday morning and they were a HUGE hit. It's a very mild pumpkin flavor so it's not like you're chewing on a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast. If the picky mini monograms devoured them , then I know they are a good thing.