Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Great Pumpkin!

I am finally starting to feel a little bit more like myself. My appetite is slowly coming back (but is that a GOOD thing?) and the coughing fits are starting to subside. Thank goodness, I am not sure how much more of this I could take, plus I really need to start focusing on my move which is happening next week.

The boy had suggested getting pumpkins and carving them last week, so we picked a couple up over the weekend and carved them last night. He had not done this since he was a small kid and could not even remember doing it. He prepped the kitchen table with newspapers and such and we cut into the tops to start the scooping. We decided to save the seeds so that I could bake them. He LOVES to chew sunflower seeds (which I find disgusting but oh well, if that is his only bad habit, not too bad) and so I thought he would like the pumkin seeds. I thought they turned out pretty good, but he is not used to chewing and swallowing seeds which is part of the problem, so he was not too keen on them.

He had gone and picked up wings from this place I had never tried before, the Vikings were playing, so we thought wings and beers would be a good idea during out cutting and watching of the game. The wings were fabulous. HUGE. I could only eat three, but they were really good wings. Took me back to Monday nights out East with the crew watching the games and eating wings.

We had drawn what we wanted to carve on our pumpkins first. He was talking very elaborate plans, a witch, frankenstein and others. I just drew a cute little face and got to carving. Well, I should have known there was a problem when I was just about done carving mine and he still had not finished scooping. I went to lay down for a bit to leave him in his peace and quiet so that he could concentrate. A half an hour went by (mine was completed, candle lit and inside, just ready to go) and I went to see how the progress was coming. I really was not too sure what he was doing, but again, an artist needs his space, so I again retreated to the couch to rest and wait. Another half an hour goes by, and again I check on the progress, this time I just had to ask him what was he doing, he said he had a plan. A few minutes later, he had decided to give the other side of his pumkin a try and attempt to cut into his pumpkin like I had. This attempt was quite a bit better, however a tad on the unconventional side yet again, but at least he finally finished! I think the end result turned out pretty good and I even sent them over to MM to post for her preppy pumpkin contest even though they are not too preppy, I think I had already preppied him out this past weekend (he is now wearing his sperry's as SLIPPERS. . . .).

We will be passing out candy at his house tonight. This is the first time since he has lived there that he will be passing out candy. I stopped by Target on my way over last night and picked up a few of his favorites, so at least they will not go to waste if we don't get too many kids in the 32 degree weather tonight! He was really excited though whichwas very cute, he said normally he escapes and leaves his house so that he doesn't have to answer the door. I think he is looking forward to it this year though, I am too! Cannot wait to see what all the little goblins will be wearing!

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Anonymous said...

I don't get any trick or treaters because of the seasonal occupancy of the area in which I live but I did go to the Halloween Parade this weekend with all the kids so that makes up for it!