Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Work, Travel and the Crud

Typically I do not mind business travel. In the past I have always had to do quite a bit of it, including international and have even had to temporarily relocate for short periods of time due to work projects. Right now, the timing could not be worse. I am about to move, the boy is waiting to be deployed and I have this crud that will just not leave my body. So what else could get thrown on my plate, Florida and then New York.

I am trying to get out of it, which I know that I shouldn't and I really should just do the right thing and go, I just don't want to at the moment, but there is no one else to go. I try to keep work and my private life separate, right now though I have too much going on outside of work. Everything will be finalized tomorrow, but I know for the sake of two of my projects that right now this is the right thing to do. I am sure that everything will turn out for the best, I just am hesistant. This crud does not help matters any and the boy wants me to go back to the doctor, then again, so does my mother. The fever came back this morning, or over night, after being gone for a couple of days and I am tired again. We will see what the doc says I guess. The crud is still living in my chest and my stomach, throat and chest are just sick and tired of coughing.

Passing out candy for the kids was fun last night and we both had a good time answering the door, checking out costumes and passing out treats (although I was worried the boy was sneaking one too many treats!). He really had a good time and got our pumpkins out there and lit. He said this morning that he had not had such a fun Halloween since he was a little kid and that it was because of me that he did, which is really very sweet.

I have wine club tonight, which to be perfectly honest, I am dreading. I think this may have to be the last month of this for me. The first month there was one person that showed, the second month two, maybe three tonight? There are 7 people whom have RSVP'd so I made the reservation for 6, we will see what happens. J emailed me and said that she would like to go, but we will see. I guess I my expectations are just not very high.

Friday is my nephews birthday, and the boy and I will be in attendence. I have picked up the gift and need to get it wrapped. Should be a fun party and he really is very excited. The boy has drills this weekend and hopefully everything will be finalized with his mobilization. It is the waiting and unknown that is just driving me crazy. I do hope that he gets the 90-day medical hold for the lasik, but we will see what happens.

Have a busy weekend ahead of me as far as packing and getting myself organized. I hope that I feel more up to it than the past two weekends!!!!!

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