Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Okay, I always say I do not have a shoe fetish, and I don't have that many pairs of shoes, but I think I may be in denial. Yesterday I had SUCH a good day. . . .but one of the main reasons was because I went to the Saks outlet at lunch with a co-worker, and I bought two pairs of Beverly Feldmans. If you don't know who she is, she is a character and has quite the creative spirit. How can you not love a woman whose motto is "Too Much is Not Enough"? Her shoes are quite unique, I own two other pairs and everytime I wear them I receive comments. I would say compliments, but these shoes are not for everyone and you have to know what to pair them with. Needless to say I was just giddy all day after my purchase.

I guess I have always had a thing for shoes. I like to keep them in their boxes and I like to have a picture of them on the outside of the box. When my friends ask me how many pairs I own I do not usually confess the real number just use an "estimate". I also like for them to all have names, I think that they each have their own personalities. I know this may be a bit much, but I guess if we are going to be quirky about something this is not necessarily such a bad thing.

I worked on the house again with the boy and his parents last night. I have to admit, I really enjoy it and I can see why he is so addicted to it. We got all of the floors upstairs sanitized, all of the walls wiped down and sanitized, three bedrooms a hallway and a bathroom, two bedrooms painted and the other one primed as well as the bathroom. It is hard work but very gratifying and I love the fact that he is also making sure that there is still time for "us". Last night when we were cleaning up getting ready to leave his father asked him what his plans were for tonight and he looked right at me and said we have plans so we will not be working on the house tomorrow. It makes me feel good, even though secretly I know half of the reason he is not working on the hosue tonight is because his own lawn needs to be mowed and he needs to take branches off of a tree that was damaged by the storm Saturday evening. Don't get me wrong, we are going to dinner and the movies which I think is very nice, but I know it is also all about give and take. I do appreciate the fact that he is making time for me when I know he would just love to spend every waking moment in the house getting it done.

I also know that the help I give now, will be returned after I move into my cottage. And I am sure to need a little help here and there. I am tentatively planning on repainting the outside next spring so his help will really come in handy then, he is a fantastic painter. I am sure to need help moving and such as well and I always feel better when I can help in return. I already have a list a mile long of things that I need to do and things that I need to find, and his help will be greatly appreciated!

Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye.
— Grey Livingston

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Anonymous said...

Ok Jilly...
I totally want the animal print ones on the top... However I am 100% sure The SGG *aka my hubbie* would KILL me if I brought one more new pair of hoes into this house... however I am eying some needlepoint Skull and Crossbones shoes.. maybe...

~ The EMG