Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fall, Football and Chile

We wound up working on the yard Friday after work. Thursday night at dinner we discussed the weather forecast which looked like rain all weekend, so we wanted to make sure that we completed that project first. It was nice to get it all done and we worked until we literally had no light left, but we finished the job and it really made a huge difference. Curb appeal, one of my favorite things about taking walks through neighborhoods I have never been to.

Saturday after running errands and crossing items off of my to-do list, I headed over to my parents. A good friend of theirs was there and as we were going through photos from my trip out East and Labor Day weekend, he made a comment about the boy's father. As it turned out they know one another quite well and used to work with one another years back. My parents are even good friends with a woman that he currently works with. SMALL world. We headed out for my first auction which was a TON of fun. I made some mistakes though, and I am still kicking myself. There was a Duncan Phyfe dining table in perfect condition with three leaves and all of the pads. I asked my mom if she thought I could get it for $100, she said are you kidding, you'll get it for $50. Well, it went, and I bid, and I stopped at $55, it went for $60. I am crushed, especially now that I have looked into the table further and realized it's true value. I will not be satisfied now until I find a table just like it. Oh what was I thinking. I picked up a couple of other items, nothing too exciting, but it was a lot of fun.

I was pretty beat from the day, stopped by the boy's flip house, made plans to catch a movie and dinner. By the time I got home and cleaned up though, about the only thing I could think about was dinner, a movie just was not going to do it for me. We did go to dinner, but as we were there a storm kicked up pretty seriously and we decided to head home. There was a tornado that touched down and unfortunately a fatality.

Sunday I made a big pot of chile in anticipation of coming home from the game ready for a big bowl. This was the first time my sister and b-i-l would be meeting the boy's brother and his girlfriend so I was really excited. The party bus was great! However, have I mentioned that my sister, whom I adore, does not get out much? With three kids and a schedule to rival the President's, she just does not have the opportunity to whoop it up very often. But boy did she on Sunday. I decided it was probably best if she and I left at half time and went for a walk outside around the dome. She seemed to make friends wherever we went. . . she was pretty funny and I know she had a good time, but she was definitely "over-served". I am not sure about the impression she made on the boy or his brother, but oh well, she is who she is. The boy and I did head back for some chile which was really good and just hit the spot on a chilly fall day. He also decided that my black chair was pretty masculine and that it would look better in his library. My mom and I had spoken about it and agreed as well, it just did not go with any of my things, so we loaded that into my truck and I dropped it off yesterday, he really likes it though and I am glad, at least I know if I ever want to curl up in it where I can go.

More work on the flip house tonight. I am supposed to go to book club tomorrow night, but I have not taken the time to read the book which I should have and since the boy and I have not seen a movie in a week and a half, he is going through withdrawls and wants to see a movie tomorrow night, we will see though, the to do list it quite lengthy!

If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.
— Robert Quillen

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