Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday - Week 2, 2014

1. The Lodge cast iron skillet. The boy gave me one for Christmas. I am really loving it. I have only used it twice so far, but everything has turned out perfectly.

2. Pandora - I love my bracelet and all of my charms that the boy and my parents have picked out for me. I love that there isn't another bracelet like mine and each combination that someone puts together is unique. My new mittens charm I think is my favorite!

3. Dead Bolt Wine - this is an awesome winemakers blend. A really nice blend of Cab, Merot, Zin, Petite Syrah and Syrah. This wine has a ton of depth, an excellent nose and just has a velvety finish. I am a HUGE fan of Orin Swift, all of their wines, this reminds me a lot of Dave's wines, especially Prisoner, but at a much smaller price point. I picked this up for $6.99 a bottle, where Prisoner comes in at $39.99. I am going to get more today!

4. Albie Designs we bought the Minneapolis print below for our gallery wall in the sitting room. Lots of cool prints, just love her designs. 

5. The Lilly Sale! - I was so excited for the Lilly sale this week! Awesome prices, a really good selection and a site that didn't crash or remove things from my cart before I could purchase them. Now I just need to go somewhere warm to wear these great dresses!

Linking up with these great ladies for Five for Friday! Natasha, April, Christina, and Darci!

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