Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday - Week 4

Its time for Five for Friday! We are getting ready to head to the lake for a nice long weekend. Can't wait to just kick back and relax with good friends, good food and some good movies, books and wine!
Linking up with these great ladies for Five for Friday! Natasha, April, Christina, and Darci!
Here are some of my favorite finds that I have come across recently. 
1. One of our favorite things that we enjoy with L & J is cheese. I picked up a few at Trader Joe's and we are also stopping at Surdyk's cheese shop on our way there. What I love about Surdyk's is the skilled cheese professionals. You just tell them the occasion, other food you may be serving and they make recommendations. They also have a huge selection of local cheeses as well. These are the cheeses we picked up from Trader Joe's!
2. The other thing I love about a good cheese platter, is adding in jellies, honey or pate/mousse to enhance the flavors of the cheeses. I have a few that I have picked up that are already packed and ready to go. Our local Byerly's (Lunds) has a wonderful selection which is where I find most of them. Cannot wait to try these.
3. The perfect accompaniment to cheese, cute cheese knives! I ordered these from Etsy last week, with the hope that they would make it here on time. They will also make the perfect hostess gift, along with the next item on my list.

4. A good slate cheese board. You need a good cheese board in order to display your cheeses. I love using a slate board. What is so nice about the slate is that you can refrigerate it if you want your cheese chilled (I like mine at room temperature) and you can also label your cheeses with chalk. Works perfectly!
 5. Of course you need the right add ins to go with your cheese and add to your cheese board. Grapes, marcona almonds with rosemary, cornichons. And of course the right dishes to put them in. 



Karli at Girls Traveling said...

i'm such a sucker for for party food displays. i can't help it. we're probably going to need a bigger house after our last party. i felt the need to buy catering dishes from pottery barn. they were like 50% off…how do you pass that up??! :) so glad you linked up. new reader!

P!nky said...

Girl I love me some cheese and your post is awesome.

Those lil serving sets are precious too! Have a great day!

April of Smidge Of This said...

YES, cheeses -- in fact, I have that very slate cheese board! I am also a lover of honeys, jellies, etc to go alongside cheese. A little square of an actual honeycomb is my fave! Have the best time at the lake, and thanks for linking up with us :)

Jacky said...

Cheese please! I love those stamped knives. I gave some has gifts over Christmas, they read Joy, Peace, Cheer, etc. Very cute!