Tuesday, November 19, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things! Link Up!

I am linking up for a Favorite Things Christmas 2013 Link up party with Cheers Y'all and The Dearmore's! You know I love a good list!

1. I really would like to do a theme tree this year. I just love the clean consistent look with color. I am thinking silver and gold. We have a ton of really special ornaments, but I am just feeling something different this year. 2. I am trying to plan our appetizers for our annual holiday party, SO many delicious options! 3. Busy planning our Thanksgiving table. We will have two tables of six, but I am thinking of going very simple and serene, but we have some great options so we will have to see how I mix it up. 4. I love this Christmas decorating tip. I am thinking of streamlining and using more of my year round decorations to do my decorating this year. I am sure it will be hard once I actually start pulling everything out, but I love this idea. 5. I have been spending so much time in our sitting room. The light and curtains went up this past weekend, so it is almost time for a reveal. We are all really enjoying it. 6. I have been planning my holiday outfits and these shoes will definitely be part of quite a few of them. 7. A good black cashmere turtleneck is a wardrobe staple that I find myself replacing every other year because it gets so much wear. With jeans and a vest or with a black skirt and pearls, it is just so versatile. 

Have you started a list yet this year?


Jen said...

Oh my goodness....those heels are to die for!!! LOVE your fun list! Thanks for linking up with us today!!!

JMO said...

oh my goodness I just found those same shoes from chinese laundry and they screamed holidays!! Love it!!

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

a black cashmere turtleneck sounds like a perfect and timeless splurge! yes, please!! :)

thank you sooo much for linking up with us today! we are so excited!!