Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 48

We had a good weekend, didn't get nearly as much accomplished as we wanted to but there always seems to be more on the ta-da list this time of year than we have time for. 
Friday was our friends wedding. I have never seen so many tears shed, by guys, at a wedding before! It was very touching and a ton of fun. It was at James J. Hill Library, what a beautiful setting!

Saturday we were literally gone for 10 hours, brunch, which was delicious, hello foie gras breakfast sandwich, ran errands, did some shopping, a return, picked up a Christmas present or two and did our grocery shopping for Thursday. We also got to see 12 Years a Slave, which made the boy very happy. We love to go to the movies, but we just haven't had a lot of time lately, the boy has been working a ton. I would love to say that this was a really good movie, and it was, but I am not sure good is the right word. It has a very deep story and there are some very harsh scenes, all based on reality. The boy and I actually got into a bit of a debate afterwards about how we each think differently about how slaves were treated by their owners. I am of one school of thought and he is of another. Both schools were depicted in the movie, but my thinking is that for the most part, they were not treated well. I think as you got closer to the North border, things were different, but, who knows for sure. 

Sunday I went to a neighbors Pampered Chef party which was a lot of fun. They have some great products and I always get some new recipes. One that I am going to make this week! Then we went out to dinner with our neighbors and had some really great conversation! Just love those guys!

Here is how this week is shaping up, so excited for Thanksgiving and a fun meal with family and friends!

Plans - Home
Breakfast and Lunch - Clementines, tuna salad sandwich
Dinner - Leftovers

Plans - Home, start prepping for Thursday, set the table, make cranberries, get the serving dishes in order
Breakfast and Lunch - Clementines, breakfast bar, cottage cheese and fruit
Dinner - Pampered Chef recipe, will post later this week! 

Plans - Home, make stuffing, mashed potatoes, prep green beans and butternut squash. Luckily it is really cold out this week, so I will get everything but the turkey made in advance. 
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt
Dinner - Most likely a frozen pizza unless I am ahead of schedule.

Plans - Thanksgiving! We are hosting my family so that makes nine of us, R, and our friends from Canada and New Jersey so we will have 12 all together. I am doing a table of 8 and a table of 4. 
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - I will post our full menu with the table when I get it done this week. 

Plans - I have my niece Gracie for the day. We are going to do a little shopping maybe and definitely go and see at least one, if not two movies! It is our yearly tradition. We also like to do a project, I haven't planned one yet, but I might see if I can find one on Pinterest for us to do. 
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, Gracie is a cheeseburger girl, so I am sure we will go somewhere of her choosing. 
Dinner - the boy will join us for dinner and a movie. 

Plans - Decorate the house for Christmas, our holiday party is in one week! I am so excited to get the house decorated this year! We are also having our neighbors B & P and friends T & J for dinner, so I need to get a new table set and a menu done. I already know what I am making which is good!
Breakfast and Lunch - leftovers, the boy will love that!
Dinner - Italian Pot Roast (not sure of the menu yet) over either noodles or polenta, not sure yet. 

Plans - more decorating, we need to finish it today!
Breakfast and Lunch - more leftovers
Dinner - we are going to the boys to have dinner with them and watch the Amazing Race. 

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie!

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