Monday, November 18, 2013

Meal Plan Monday - Week 47

We had a great weekend, and got a ton accomplished! Friday our friends L & J came for dinner which was really nice, it had been a while since we had seen them. I made the salad which is now becoming my go to fall salad, which has mixed greens, Gorgonzola, spiced candied pecans, red onion, dried cranberries and a fig balsamic that I make for a nice dressing. I also made a mushroom risotto and grilled steaks.

Saturday I ran a couple of errands (getting lots of ideas for decorating for the holidays, I just read a blog post about someone who went through their 20 + bins and got rid of a ton, I am thinking about scaling back a lot this year and doing something different), found curtains that work for the sitting room and had lunch with the boy. Then we went to sister J's for a cocktail before dinner at a Japanese steak house. Unfortunately they do a lot of shrimp, lobster and crab, and there were just too many oils in the air and I had an allergic reaction to just being there, so we had to leave right after dinner. 

Sunday morning my dad came over to help the boy put in the light fixture in the sitting room. The last item is a new lamp and then we are done. I love the way it turned out, it has been fun to see peoples reactions to it. L when she got there Friday said she needed a minute to just take it all in but she really liked how cozy the room was and how we had pulled it all together. In the afternoon, I went to the opera with a neighbor friend. We saw Arabella by Strauss which was absolutely fantastic. I just loved it, the set, the costumes the story, the performers, it was all breathtaking! I love the opera though, I really should look at season tickets for next year. After we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in St. Paul, Pazzaluna. It is what I would call Northern Italian cuisine, very good though. I had planned on sharing a salad with my neighbor and then ordering a fish of some sort, but on the walk over it was so cold, and all I could think about was the chicken parmesan, so I gave in, and it was absolutely delicious!
This morning I finally hit another big number for pounds loss which is really nice. This weekend I tried on a lot of my holiday skirts and dresses and I was surprised that pretty much everything fit (again) so now I just need to plan outfits out for every occasion and get organized.  Of course it is still nice to buy something fun here or there, but I am just excited to be fitting back into everything that used to fit! It is like getting a new wardrobe again!

This is a very busy week, but we have a lot of fun stuff planned!

Plans - Home, and I need to enjoy it, because there will not be a lot of these this week!
Breakfast and Lunch - Clementines, raspberries, yogurt, nuts, leftover chipotle
Dinner - I bought a couple of rotisserie chickens over the weekend to help with food prep this week and lunches. I am going to make chicken enchiladas at the boys request tonight.

Plans - Sister J's birthday! We are going out to celebrate with a big group at Oceanaire. So at least I know I will be having fish!
Breakfast and Lunch - Clementines, raspberries, grapes, yogurt, nuts, chicken
Dinner - Fish, out

Plans - We need to go and pick up the boys suit. We got him a new suit, it just needed to be altered, but we need to pick it up and probably get a new shirt and tie before the wedding Friday. 
Breakfast and Lunch - Clementines, raspberries, grapes, yogurt, nuts, chicken
Dinner - we have a groupon expiring to The Butcher Block, so we will be heading there for dinner. 
Plans - Home
Breakfast and Lunch - Clementines, raspberries, grapes, yogurt, nuts, chicken
Dinner - Chicken with lemony egg noodles and peas (one of the chickens we bought was a lemon pepper which should be perfect for this)
Plans - Wedding for M & M! in St. Paul
Breakfast and Lunch - will be very light!
Dinner - can't wait, our choices looked amazing!
Plans - Football party for M & M for the Gopher vs Badger game.
Breakfast and Lunch - not sure what they are doing for food but it is being catered
Dinner - something low key at home most likely
Plans - Home, I need to get the main table set for Thanksgiving, do the shopping and get organized. 
Breakfast and Lunch - probably out for lunch with the boy
Dinner - I have a turkey tenderloin I am going to make with roasted broccoli and a green salad

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Jacky said...

Oh man, 52 is not far away! Great job on the weight loss, fun to shop in your closet no doubt.