Monday, October 28, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 44

I can't believe that November will be here this week! We had a whirlwind weekend! Friday we hit West Elm, Macy's Furniture, Ethan Allen and Crate and Barrel, all before meeting friends out for dinner. We didn't find anything we loved, but after we got back home, we talked about a loveseat that we both liked that we had seen a couple of times at Home Goods. It was leather though, and that was why we had passed on it. I didn't really want leather in the sitting room, but we both really liked it, and it was comfortable. So, we decided that we would go and purchase that piece Saturday morning. After going to four Home Goods/Marshall's, and striking out, we decided to hit up one more (after fueling up with lunch at Chick Fil A which just opened by us) and finally found something that we both really liked and that fit the room perfectly. Success! The boy really had his heart set on these chairs for the room that we had seen a while back, but since we had chairs in there already, I told him that we needed to get the loveseat/settee first before we did anything about chairs. Well, of course as soon as we had the settee in place he asked when we were going to replace the chairs. So, first thing Sunday morning we went to get a chair. Since we can only fit one in at a time, we are going to get another one after work today. He also got the gallery wall pictures hung for me. Well, the frames are up, we just have to put pictures in all of them, I will get on that this week, but so far it is looking pretty good. We have two things left to do then, curtains and a light fixture and then a reveal, hopefully in the next week or so.

We also had a couple of fabulous meals out this weekend too! Friday we ate at Amore Victoria in Uptown with friends M and B. It was SO good! None of us had ever eaten there before and it was a very good find. It will definitely be on my list for good Italian in the twin cities. Saturday was a birthday celebration at Capital Grille and some dancing after. Seriously though, you really start to feel old when out at a club and EVERYONE is in their 20's. I love getting out for some dancing though, it has been WAY too long and it was a lot of fun!

Sunday we spent pulling the sitting room together and getting the table set for a little dinner party Wednesday evening. Now I just need to finalize the menu.

Here is how this week is shaping up!
Plans - Going to pick up the other chair for the sitting room. Along with a couple of frames to finish the gallery wall in that room.
Breakfast and Lunch - cottage cheese and fruit, steak salad
Dinner - Out, Keegans - we have a groupon we have to use! Love this place though!

Plans - I have a TON of things at home that need to get done that did not get done this past weekend.
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, fruit, peanuts
Dinner - I am going to try to make a chicken Parmesan recipe but adapt it for the 17dd. So there won't be any mozzarella cheese, and no pasta with it. Our veggie will be roasted broccoli or cauliflower, whichever one looks better. If it turns out, I will hopefully post the recipe later this week!

Plans - friends and neighbors for dinner
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, fruit, peanuts
Dinner - Italian Pot Roast,  not sure what to serve with it yet. I had something like this on Friday, and it was served with roasted potatoes and mushroom filled tortellini. But our friend T also had this a week ago Friday and it was served with polenta. I think that it would also be good over mashed potatoes, and since my potatoes were terrible the last time I made them, I think they could use some practice before Thanksgiving. I am also going to do an apple harvest salad and we will have mini pumpkin pies and pumpkin ice cream for dessert. I love this time of year!

Thursday - Halloween!
Plans - passing out candy to all of the tricks or treaters!
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, fruit, leftovers hopefully, otherwise maybe pb & j.
Dinner - I usually make crescent wrapped hot dogs on Halloween. For some reason it is just something that has stuck with me, my mom always made mummy wrapped dogs for us before we went out to get our loot!

Plans - Dinner at friends R & R. We are bringing them our old wine rack/bar. We are working on getting the garage cleared out before the snow flies. We have a lot of extra furniture. I really should look at doing craigslist.
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, fruit, nuts, salad.
Dinner - who knows :)

Plans - the days starts out with a little Perfect Parties action, have to get planning for our holiday party. Then at 1:00 we have friends coming over for some college football and a little BBQ contest. I know a few people have been doing some practicing the past few weeks with smokers and such. Should be a lot of fun!
Breakfast and Lunch - I will probably grab a granola bar as I walk out the door, but there will be appetizer samples at Perfect Parties. I am going to make a pot of chili for people to eat between all of the other dishes.
Dinner - there will be a LOT of food, but it will be fun!

Plans - we are getting together with my sister and her family and my mom and dad to celebrate my oldest nephews birthday. I am ahead of the game since my sister let me know that he wanted these hiking boots, so those have already been ordered and delivered, now I just need to get them wrapped.
Breakfast and Lunch - Lunch will be Sammy's pizza, a family favorite!
Dinner - I doubt if we will do anything for dinner since we will have had such a big lunch!

Busy week, I am sure it will go by quickly, LOTS to do at home too, so somehow I have to find that whole balance thing this week!

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie.

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