Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspiration Folder

Probably like a lot of you, before Pinterest, I had an inspiration folder that I kept on my PC for pictures I would find online, blogs and such. Now this folder is part of a back up on an external hard drive I keep, but I was browsing through it the other day to see if there was any new inspiration I could get from it. Its fun to see how my taste has changed and morphed over time. 

I love everything about this picture. What a great entryway.

I have always loved this room. I don't think I could get away with it anywhere in our house except for maybe my office. But the bright pink with the brown, love. The pattern on the chairs, perfect!

I love the gallery wall here and the lampshade. I am looking for a new lampshade for a lamp in the sitting room. I also love the pops of color against the white.

We have an old dressing table in the garage that we had hoped to use as a vanity in one of the bathrooms, but it is starting to look like that might not happen. I was thinking maybe the downstairs 3/4 bath, but with what we have planned, it doesn't look like it will fit in. I am still holding out hope as I love the look of this. But space in the garage and getting our cars in there for the winter is also a consideration.

The whole look of this room to me is just serene and perfect. Great choices in color, the art on the walls, the chairs and I love the curtains.

One of the rooms coming up next is our eat in kitchen as well as the kitchen. We have some big decisions to make there, but, the eat in kitchen area I think we can just make some cosmetic changes and it will feel more like our house and space. I love these colors, but I also realize that we have already committed to some accent color choices due to the red stools we bought over a year ago. The other accent color we have committed to is turquoise, with all of the pyrex we have. Now we just need to pick a wall color and pull it all together. I do think the lighter gray that we have in the entryway, dining room and sitting room, might just work. Or at least something a little lighter.

I think this is such a great idea. It is a decal of a recipe for classic caesar dressing from Pottery Barn. But I think you could probably have one made up from someone on Etsy with almost any recipe.

These pictures are actually hanging in my laundry room. So these were true inspiration. I need to take some pictures of that room and post it. The only thing left to do in that room is change out the ugly laundry tub with something nicer, but overall the room looks good!

I need to show this picture to the boy. I think that we could actually use some of the ideas here for our family room. We don't really know what to call that room, family room, media room, tv room, living room. It is where the two of us and Stella really hang out the most when we are home. What do you call that room at your house?

I actually like this picture even better and I think we can use a lot of the inspiration from here. We want our tv mounted over the fireplace, we are definitely planning on that. I love the arches on the shelves on both sides too. The boy wants to center our fireplace and convert it to gas. You can see what a big project this room is going to be.

It was fun to go through these pictures I had not seen in a while and get some fresh ideas. I can't wait to show this last picture to the boy, I think he will like some of the ideas!

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