Monday, August 26, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 35

Wow, SUCH a poor blogger. My attempts have been poor at best. My work days have been overwhelming and then I just squeeze everything else in around it. BUT, I am almost done with this project and client. Hopefully this week and then I get to regain my life and breath again. I am already making real plans and looking forward to having my life back.

So, first, couple of updates and a little weekend re-cap, and then on with the weeks plans. My meal plan is not all that exciting at the moment. The boy and I, as well as sister J, are in the home stretch of a 4 week long diet on We chose to do the 17-day diet bet because sister J and I had bought the book a few years back and we thought it would be a good way to kick things off and stick to something. The way this goes is that in 4 weeks you need to lose 4% of your body weight and then whomever is in your pool, and achieves this goal, splits the winnings. The boy has not gotten on the scale in a few days, but he is doing really good. Sister J lost her goal amount within the first two weeks I think. I have struggled a bit, and I have 1.2 lbs to go by Friday, but I am more than confident that I can achieve that and I am really motivated. I also would like to lose more, so I have already started another challenge, and this one started last week. I want to just keep rolling with it, and you can be in up to three challenges at the same time. One of the things that has been really tough for me, especially in the past few months, is that I am Perimenopausal. I am thinking this is pretty early for someone my age, but I am not sure, everyone is different I guess, but I also had a partial hysterectomy about 12 years ago, and I think this may speed that time up for me. I can feel the difference in a lot of different ways, but mostly it makes me a lot more lethargic and the cramps and crabbiness are awful. Off to the doctor to see what can be done, but not for a couple of weeks.

I wasn't feeling very well this weekend, that coupled with the fact that the heat index was around 112, well, it wasn't all that exciting of a weekend. But we did get some deck time in on Friday evening and Saturday the boy and I hit up the Farmers Market. We picked up lots of fresh vegetables, and then of course, my favorite, the flowers, they are just so bright and colorful!

We really are so lucky to have such a huge farmers market so close! After looking at so much food, the boy was understandably quite hungry. I knew of the perfect spot that he would just love, that we had not tried yet, The Rye Deli. NUM! I miss the good deli's from out East, and while I wouldn't really compare this one to any of those, it was still delicious. I tried to stay as close as I could to the diet and went with the turkey sandwich and coleslaw, which was vinegar based and didn't have a lot of mayo. I only ate half of the sandwich and after not having bread in I don't know how long, it was delicious! The boy had the other half for lunch on Sunday. I also had a treat of a San Pellegrino, another delicious moment! Now, don't get me wrong, you are not supposed to have any alcohol on this diet. But that is one thing I have not done, I have had my wine, and a couple of gin and tonics. It is the summer after all, and while I have imbibed, I have definitely cut back a ton. The boy loved Rye Deli though, and we will definitely be back!

Saturday evening we had friends S and M for dinner. S and I went to junior high and high school together and have reconnected when I moved back here and she joined the wine club. It was really good to see her and catch up. Again, a little bit of cheating since I made pasta, but I did chicken sausage and asparagus, so I figured it was okay to cheat just a little. We did fresh raspberries and dark chocolate covered pretzel thins for dessert, my new favorite!

Sorry for the terrible pictures, I just took these quickly, but I just did a basic but simple elegant table. Blacks, silvers, golds with the zinnias for the pop of color. It was a really nice evening. 

Here is what this week is shaping up like, hoping the weather cools down so I can get a walk or two in there as well!

Plans - Hopefully a walk, but the heat index is around 112, so I might just be working on some house chores.
Dinner - salmon, not sure how I am going to make it yet, these are the last two pieces out of a couple of big pieces that I bought and split into portion sizes for the boy and I. I bought a ton of fish, tilapia, catfish and salmon at Costco, but it looks like it might be time to restock. We are also going to have caramelized brussel sprouts and a green salad. 

Plans - Dinner and a concert at Lake Harriet Bandshell with friends. They went on a fun wine trip to Oregon this summer. I would like to do an Oregon themed wine event so we are going to do some planning. Hoping that it will be nice enough to enjoy the concert and a picnic, if it is too hot we will have to do plan B and find a restaurant. 
Dinner - green salad and lettuce wraps

Plans - Heading to Mill City Ruins for the third time this summer. This time to catch Chastity Brown, I am loving her music and the setting is too beautiful. Sister J is joining us, so we are having dinner at her place first. 
Dinner - We are bringing a green salad (catching a theme here?)

Plans - Vikings pre-season game with sister J and friends. Should be a fun night!
Dinner - Sister J is making dinner at her place first. I am going to bring a veggie tray with a spinach artichoke yogurt dip. 

Plans - The FAIR! The great MN get together! We will be going OFF the diet for the evening, cheese curds here we come! Our final weigh in luckily takes place in the morning! 
Dinner - Cheese curds, caramel milk shake, french fries!

Plans - The Annual Eberly summer party!
Dinner - I am going to bring a taco dip using ground turkey, SO good! And the chips are not on the diet, but neither is the wine. . . .

Plans - Capital Grill with friends. We have a reservation for 6 at 6 and I am really looking forward to red meat! It has been a while! I can't believe how much I just crave a steak!
Dinner - Steak!

Busy week, really looking forward to it. Hoping to get some walks in during the morning maybe when it isn't hot. If my project wraps up even earlier this week, I may have to hit up my friend J for a dip in the pool!

For more meal planning, and links to recipes, check out the Orgjunkie or Stone Gable

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