Monday, January 07, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 2

This past weekend was a whirlwind and just seemed to fly by. From getting home Friday, picking up a pizza and having dinner with the boy, to getting a good night of sleep last night. We ran a lot of errands this weekend, went out for lunch, cooked an amazing dinner at home last night and went to our friend M's Saturday night for dinner and the Vikings game. He made this amazing soup which I will have to try and post here, as well as an 8 lb. Pork butt in a pressure cooker for 1 hour, it was very good!

This week is my first week with a new client, we will see how it goes, we have a few nights with plans as well. I really need to get organized at home too since I will be away from home so much more and need to make sure that I have what I need for lunches and dinners.

Plans - Out with the boy to celebrate first day at the new client
Dinner - Sushi, num, SO good!

Plans - Bunco night, love the neighborhood girls!
Dinner - Pan Fried Tilapia, steamed rice, broccoli

Plans - Home, SO much to do!
Dinner - Ham and White Bean Soup, crusty bread

Plans - MIA exhibit and dinner with friends
Dinner - Out at Mona, can't wait to try this place again

Plans - Over to friends for dinner
Dinner - Traditional Korean Dinner, can't wait to try this!

Plans - Baby shower for the boys cousins' wife, dinner out with a big group of friends
Dinner - Gardens of Salonica

Plans - Looking forward to a day home to catch up on the house and just relax
Dinner - Maybe lasagna, will have to talk to the boy.

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie and Stone Gable.

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