Monday, November 19, 2012

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 47

We had a fun weekend! I can't believe it is Thanksgiving week already! We had our neighbors over for some cocktails Saturday night which was fun. We had spent the day running errands, cleaning the house, putting lights on the house and cleaning up the yard getting it ready for festivities. So a night of laughs and cocktails with the neighbors was just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday we did family pictures with a friend who has her own studio and business. It was fun, and I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out! After, we grabbed some sandwiches at one of our favorite places and took them back to our house to celebrate my nephews birthday. 14, wow! Hard to believe how fast time flies! We ended the evening with pizza and the boys friend from the Navy, good to catch up with him as well.

This week is all about more birthday fun, getting ready for Thanksgiving and catching up with friends, family and getting ready for our holiday party!

Plans - Good friend Sister J's birthday!
Dinner - Murrays - one of our favorites of course!

Plans - Home, make mashed potatoes, and finalize tables, dust, clean bathrooms
Dinner - Beef Pot Pie

Plans - make appetizers that can be made, acorn squash, stuffing, pick up turkey
Dinner - Something quick and easy

Plans - Thanksgiving! Friends and Family!
Dinner - Turkey and all the trimmings!

Plans - My niece is spending Thursday night, so we will do some shopping and go to the movies!
Dinner - Whatever she wants of course!

Plans - Going to a play and dinner with friends, but the big task this weekend is to get all of the Thanksgiving decor put away and the house decorated for Christmas.
Dinner - Out

Plans - Celebrating my dad's birthday with brunch! More decorating!
Dinner - Something light for sure! Probably just popcorn.

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You are the most active person that I (sort of) know!