Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bachman's Idea House - Winter 2012

On Sunday after my sister and her family left, my mom and I decided to go over and check out the Bachmans Idea House. We have been a couple of other times, and they always have some really good ideas and inspiration.

A little background, the Bachman family has been around since the late 1800's in the twin cities. The home, which is on the property of the first and largest store. You can find more information here. They always do such fun and wonderful things with the house, this season it was styled after a rustic lodge. Everything in the house is actually for sale, and you can actual purchase things before the house is over for the season. There were a couple things I would have loved to purchase, but they were already sold. I will be keeping my eye out though.

How cute is this with the old toboggan, not sure if you can see it, but it spells out Peace, so cute! 

Who doesn't love an outdoor fireplace? 

Love the use of the ski's with the wreaths. 

Its hard to see in this picture, but the deer actually has branches which makes it look like antlers.

Love the way the window boxes are so festive and seasonal. 

The bells were my favorite part of this!

Another great use of old skis. 

The ribbon is so festive on the drapes in the sunroom.

There was an old church pew in our garage when we moved in, I am just waiting for the boy to refinish it. Can't wait to find the right place for it. 

My mom and I just loved the stacked suitcases with glass on top made into an end table. SO cute! The lamp gives it a more contemporary feel. Hard thing is finding flat suitcases. 

These are those battery operated lit twigs. They looked so pretty in the corner. I want to try to add something like this to our decor this year. 

Loved this wine rack. Something I definitely want for our lower level when it is completed. 

This is a fun piece, there is a better picture below, but I think it can be made from pallets and mirrors. 

LOVED this wreath, something else I am going to try to incorporate into our decor this season. 

This is another end table where they used a trunk, so cute. 

What a fun thing to use for a wine holder! Now where do I find one. 

Another shot of the wreath with the feathers. 

Cute idea to make for a buffet. 

This is the front of the island, loved this, what do you think? Pallets?

I loved all of the candles on the mantle, so simple and pretty. 

Doors to a built in, how unique!

Onto the dining room, adorable chair covers!

Loved all of the use of horns and antlers. 

I would have purchased this wooden tool box, so many uses.

This clock scale would look really cute in my kitchen, I found a couple online, now just need to pull the trigger, but it is more $$ than I thought, so I need to make sure this will work there. 

We have a great window over the sink. These little cups with sweaters over them were so adorable.

I can see this apron coming in handy over the holidays. 

Old french doors with the glass removed and replaced with mirrors. 

I have a great place to hang wreaths like this!

They had drawn a tree on the wall and put family pictures on the wall, great idea!

More mirrors on the wall!

This is something I definitely would have scooped up. I am always looking for places to hang my necklaces. 

An old window, lit and used as a headboard. It looks like it could have come from a church. 

Burlap trees.

I really liked this lamp. I have been thinking about updating a couple of the lamps in our house. 

I think my nephews would like this sign. 

This was above the toilet in the bathroom. Great place to hang a finger towel. 

Boys room, I bet there are a lot of boys who would love this room. 

I thought this was unique, they hung two lockers sideways. 

The girls room, my niece would love that purple tree!

This was different colored tissue paper over the lamp shade. Another good idea for her room. 

This was by far my favorite idea in the house. A barn wood frame with a fun picture in the middle. And then,

You open the doors to reveal a tv. How great is that? My mom and I thought that would be a wonderful way to disguise a tv. 

Love this idea for drapes. I am thinking our bedroom, but have to find the right ones. 

SO many good ideas. I love going and checking things out. It is open until December 16th and is $5 to tour the house. You then get a coupon for the shop, $10 off when you spend $25 or something like that!

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