Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ready for August!

Sometimes January seems like the renewal of a new year, but it is hard for me to let go of the school years and think about a new wardrobe, new notebooks and a new planner. I love setting goals and making lists and typically this was the time of year that I did that. I figure this year shouldn't be any different.

I love planners and calendars, and the Lilly Pulitzer ones have been my favorites over the past few years. That and they go perfectly in my office. This year they offered a jumbo size in addition to the agenda and mini size and I thought it would be perfect to sit down with every Sunday and look at birthdays and cards to get out and any other special events. The boy and I share a google calendar which is also on our phones which actually works really well for us, but I figure this is something that is all mine.

I have also had the traditional planner agenda for the past couple of years from Kate Spade, and I love the bright patent pink, but I tend to only take it out at meetings and such.

Can't wait to start filling these up!

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Anonymous said...

I am kind of the same way - September and fall are always my time of renewal.

January is just cold and snowy!