Monday, August 06, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 32

This is a non-cooking week. . . we have a ton of plans this week, but I guess that is how summer goes. August has hit and we are trying to squeeze in every last ounce of goodness.

Plans - drop off a/c and get it hooked up at R's new place and make sure it is ready for her arrival tomorrow. We were going to try to get there this weekend, but we also tried to squeeze in too much, losing power for 15 hours didn't help matters any.
Dinner - Osteria I Nonni, one of our favorites. They have a beautiful patio that I have been wanting to try but haven't had a chance to, tonight looks like a perfect night for it.

Plans - Alison Scott at Lake Harriet Bandshell (my old neighborhood, cannot wait!)
Dinner - We are meeting friends for a picnic dinner, should be a perfect night for it!

Plans - Our friend R is moving from the DC area to MSP! We are bringing dinner over to her new place!
Dinner - We are thinking of either taking them dinner or heading over to Rusty Taco, just depends on what they are up for.

Plans - Over to neighbor J's for a Stella and Dot party, can't wait, LOVE their jewelry! Our friend J is joining me!
Dinner - I have so many tomatoes coming out of the garden, I will probably throw together a little fresh pasta, fresh mozz, and tomato and basil dish. Basically my no bake tomato sauce, I love an easy summer recipe like that!

Plans - A fun cooking class honoring Julia Child's 100th birthday, two evening parties. . .lots of fun!
Dinner - We will have fabulous food at both parties I am sure, I need to bring one appetizer, and it will most likely be a bruschetta LOTS of tomatoes at the moment!

Plans - Summit volunteer duty (this will be my second to last shift, they are replacing the volunteers with paid part-time positions). We are getting together with a group of 12 for dinner Saturday night, should be fun!
Dinner - Butcher and the Boar, can't wait! Great patio and looks like a great patio night!

Plans - Twin Cities Polo Club - can't wait to watch the ponies play! The Polo Classic is always a lot of fun!
Dinner - We will be taking a big picnic spread. Not sure of the recipes yet. . . will need to coordinate with friends that are going.

This is going to be a busy week leading up to a week at the lake, cannot wait!

For more recipes and links to menus, check out the orgjunkie.


Deneene said...

Wow! That sounds like a really busy week! My tomatoes are about ready in my garden, too! I need to figure out what I'm going to make with all of them!

SBCVandy said...

Thank you so much for dinner last night! I am so excited about my new place and getting everything settled in :) I can't wait to have y'all over for dinner once things are settled a bit!