Monday, July 16, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 29

Another travel week here, and I have a few posts that I have started but not been able to finish, so I need to get on that! We had a wonderful weekend, too much fun really, but more on that later.

Here is how this week is shaping up!

Plans - Dinner out with sister J who is in town
Dinner - Murray's (a Twin Cities Institution)

Plans - Travel
Dinner - On the road most likely

Plans - Travel
Dinner - Out with co-workers

Plans - Travel (home)
Dinner - Not sure what time I am getting back, and we are meeting up to do a "meat" exchange, so I may just cook some of that or we will go out, hard with not knowing what time we will get home.

Plans - Out with L & J
Dinner - Pizzeria Lola, we had told them about this place when we were up at the lake with them a couple of  weeks ago and we have been meaning to get together with them.

Plans - work on the garage, if it isn't 100+ degrees out, Europe in MN backyard wine event at S & J's
Dinner - a little of what everyone is bringing, we are going to bring Jalapeno Popper Dip

Plans - We are joining a few other couples at Alexis Bailley Vineyard for some wine and jazz. Looking forward to a fun little picnic outing.
Dinner - We are going to stop and get sandwiches and I will probably bring some cheese, meat and crackers.

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie.

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Deneene said...

How did your WIAW go this week?