Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Growing and growing!

We have had wonderful weather here the past couple of weeks. At least I think so! Today it is beautiful sunny and 80, absolutely PERFECT in my book! My plants are thriving in this weather as well. Here are some updates.

Week 3
 My sage is doing really well this year, I am loving that as last year it didn't do so hot.
 I had to plant sweet basil twice, but it really seems to have taken off!

 I have used the tarragon, dill and rosemary quite a bit already.
 My mom brought over the chicks and hens in one of my dad's old golf shoes. I love that she planted them in his old golf shoe!

  My flowers seem to be doing pretty well too.

Can't wait to see how the cauliflower does!

Week four

 The herbs are really popping! SO excited to try new recipes with all of my herbs!
My parents were over this past weekend and my dad took one look at this tomato plant and said WHOA! Is that thing on steroids? He couldn't believe how big it was already.

 AND we already have some little green tomatoes!
Remember what it looked like a couple of weeks ago?

Can't wait to have fresh veggies from the garden! Hopefully this beautiful summer weather keeps up!

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Dawn said...

What a cool garden you have. Next year I hope to do the same thing next year once we get our yard in order this year.