Monday, June 04, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 23

This is going to be a nutty week. I am speaking at a conference on Monday and Tuesday, which will be fun. The boy gets to come with me and we get to enjoy a couple of days off at a resort with all expenses paid. Another co-worker is also presenting (the meat guy) and his wife is also joining him, so I am looking forward to kicking back with them.

Then I am off to TRF for a couple of days of work, so no meal planning going on, which is a bummer, but these weeks happen.

Plans - Resort
Dinner - Out

Plans - Resort, travel back home, Bunco
Dinner - something on the go dinner with the boys parents at Matt's

Plans - Travel for work Work travel cancelled due to push back of implementation date
Dinner - Out Wine tasting at Ernie's

Plans - Travel for work First Thursday
Dinner - Out Santorini's

Plans - Travel home, Alison Scott CD release party and concert
Dinner - Out, probably Duffy's pizza which is owned by a friend and the boy has never been there

Plans - Housewarming party
Dinner - Out with friends

Plans - Home, catching up on the yard and the house, more travel the next week. . .
Dinner - pork butt on the grill, cannot wait to try this. dinner with friends to discuss some wine investments!

For more meal plans, links to recipes and great organizational tips, check out the Orgjunkie.

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Jacky Hackett said...

Knock 'em dead at the conference, how exciting. Enjoy the trip!