Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Movie Reviews

Still home with the crud. Missing out on a lot. Missed Lenny last night, so bummed about that and I know I disappointed sister J, but this crud has me down and out for the count. I was supposed to get together with a friend from JLM tonight, that is not happening. The boy could have seen Safe House last night, tonight we have passes for Act of Valor. . . but I am stuck at home with this crud.

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen some really good (and not so good) movies. Thought I would share some of them with you.

The Grey
I was not a huge fan of this one. Lots of death, gore and scary wolves. But in the end, there was some nice scenery and it was a survival story. But if you are not a fan of blood, gore and scariness, then skip it. Liam Neesen is very good in it though. I guess Bradley Cooper was slated for the role, but they thought he was too wimpy.

The Vow
I really liked this movie a lot. It is based on a true story which I think is really interesting. The story was wonderful and had so many ups and downs and wonderful moments.

Man on a Ledge
LOVED this movie. Great suspense, wonderful action. It really did keep you on the edge of your seat, and I love Elizabeth Shue.

Big Miracle
Loved this movie as well. It had a great tie back in to Minnesota and you really did fall in love with the whales, although I don't think I could ever live in Alaska.

The Iron Lady
This was on our Academy Awards list. We have not been getting through our list like I have wanted to, but between a busy schedule and now being sick, it just hasn't happened. I thought Meryl Streep was incredible, you could not even tell it was her at first. The story, ahh, not so much. I would have liked to have seen them follow more of what Margaret Thatcher did in her role and not as much about her demise of her mind in her later years. I do think that Streep deserves not only the nod for the award bus possibly the award.

The Woman in Black
 I walked out. It was too much for me. Too scary, too gross. Too scary. Didn't want to have nightmares. The boy really enjoyed it, me? I went for a walk and got some errands done. . .
We ordered this one On Demand, another one off of our Academy Awards list. Eh. . . it was okay. Kinda slow moving, but it was okay.

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