Thursday, February 09, 2012

Droid or iPhone?

I think these are two different worlds and you are either a Droid person or an iPhone person. . . the boy and I both have Droid phones and we love them, but we don't have any of the Apple products really. We both have iPods, but we don't use them a ton. I do love how the Droid phones integrate so seamlessly with Google and gmail as well.

In June, I am do for an upgrade. I have my eye on a new Droid phone, but I am not ruling out the iPhone either.

All in all there are some fabulous apps out there, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

This is by far my go-to app. I really only am connected to my close friends and I love watching where everyone is checking in. On more than one occasion we have run into people that we know because we have checked in together. Just last week we were at Seven for dinner and noticed that another friend had checked in as well. I commented on his checkin and he joined us for a pre-dinner cocktail. Without Foursquare we would not have even known we were in the same place. The boy and I also are in a war over who is Mayor of our house. For the longest time I was, and then with all of my traveling I lost my mayorship. I just regained it this past weekend, only to lose it because I have been stuck at home since Sunday with the crud. I will get it back. . . .

I LOVE this app. I am a very heavy One Note user. Before my Droid I had a Windows phone which was "okay" but was not all that powerful. One Note was not even able to integrate with my One Note on the cloud, so it was a bit frustrating. Evernote has alleviated so much paper for me. All of my notes, thoughts, Ta-Da lists, reminders, even blogs or news articles that I want to save and read later I can save to it. The great thing is that they also have a web and desktop client, and they all sync seamlessly. So if I am on my work pc, I can save stuff there, if I am on my home pc I can save stuff there and I have it all in one place on the go, on my phone. There are a lot of features I probably don't use, but one of the things that I love is that I can take a picture of something and add it to my Ta-da list or grocery list. Really helps keep me organized.

There are a lot of different camera apps out there, but  think this one works the best for me. It has a lot of different effects and some fun things to add to your pictures. It also takes better pictures than the default photo app. (I also love that it automatically uploads all of my photos to Picasa).

You guys have probably heard me go on and on about this one enough. But I do love this app and just how it syncs so seamlessly with the fitbit. Great app for tracking food and nutrition.

This is a fun one. When the boy and I are driving in the car, sometimes while we are listening to the radio in the car, we won't know who sings a song, but we might want to download it later. This app helps listen and gives you the name and artist of the song, just by listening to it, and also can give you the lyrics. Fun app.

Yep, I am a junkie. I don't play often, and lately, most of my games have been played with my 11 year old nephew who has been my biggest challenge yet! Alec Baldwin put them on the map! I am jillyinmn if you ever want to play!

I love this app. Sometimes when we are running errands on the weekends, we need to stop and grab some lunch, or maybe we are out and about at a movie and we want to grab some dinner. Or even if we are at a new restaurant, what kinds of recommendations do people have. With this app you can look at restaurants that are near you and people post pictures of the dishes they have had. I have posted quite a few of my favorites.

We don't always remember to use this one, but you can literally save up to .20/gallon sometimes, we have.

We are always looking up movie times and locations. This app helps us compare from theater to theater which movies and times will work for us.

Along those same lines, since we do love the movies, after we have seen something, or maybe even at dinner or lunch before or after, if we get to talking about a movie or an actor/actress we will sometimes try to remember other things they have been in or look for more information, this comes in handy. I love that the information is right at our fingertips.

Since we do eat out quite a bit, when we are on the go running around, this really helps with making reservations.

I recently added this app and what I love about this, a lot like dropbox, but I use it for all of my pictures.

This has some great workouts for when you are on the go and traveling. Plenty of workouts you can do right in your hotel room!

Are you a Droid or an iPhone person? What are some of your favorite apps? Anything you can't live without?

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