Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal PlanMonday - Week 3

This week is a travel week, so not a lot of meal planning going on. Instead of even posting the whole week, I am just going to post the days that I will be at home, and can actually prepare meals.

Plans - Winter White Event at sister J's
Dinner - appetizers and such. I am not sure what I am making yet.

Plans - Working on the house
Dinner - Out

Plans - Movies, we have a few we need to catch before the Oscar's are announced
Dinner - We attended a cooking class last week, more later, but we made a short rib gnocchi soup that I am going to try. They are supposed to email the recipes,so I am hoping we get it in time.

I was going through some pictures from the last couple of months. I have a few things to share, so I am hoping to get to those this week.

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Mrs. Bradley said...

I need to get better with my meal planning. Hope your week has went well.. Spring Chick Check in by Tuesday.