Thursday, January 12, 2012

Real Chicks Getting Fit - Week 3

So, I know it has only been a few days, but I thought I would check in on how my Spring Chick Challenge is going. So far okay. I am doing a good job of tracking everything that goes into my mouth on My Fitness Pal either on my pc or on my phone. I love how handy dandy that is. I have only had one piece of chocolate or something sweet since Monday, zero sugar since then. But I guess that is not a huge accomplishment since I have more of a salt tooth than a sweet tooth.

Most days I have been able to stay on track with my calories. On Tuesday I went home and made a pot of healthy black bean soup before going to my JLM meeting. And no wine for me at JLM. Last night we were out with co-workers who were in town for the week and I went over. I know there are going to be good days and bad days and I just have to get through them. If I beat myself up for the bad days then I won't have the self-esteem to keep this up, so I just have to push through those and realize that there will be good and bad days. I am trying to curb the wine, so far I am okay there. We have a cooking class tonight, so I know that it is going to be another tough night. Tomorrow night I think I can cook something healthy at home for us, and then Saturday we have couples Bunco night, so that is going to be another hard night, but I just need to do my best and make good choices.

Next week I am planning on adding exercise to the plan. I figure if I can just make changes, little by little, it might be easier for me to adapt than wham, bam changing everything. I am traveling for work next week, so another challenge, but I will see what I can do!

The boy is tracking his calories on My Fitness Pal as well. He wants to lose a few too, of course it will probably be easier for him, but we will see how it goes. I am really excited about this though!

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