Monday, January 30, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 5

I seriously do not know where January went. . .POOF! And it is gone just like that!

We had a really good week last week, got in a bunch of movies, got together and did some fun things with friends and stuck to our meal plan schedule. I know that might not sound like a huge accomplishment since I didn't really cook last week, but we did stick to our food plans and ate well, even while eating out, which I think is a huge accomplishment.

This week, we have another really busy week, so not a lot of cooking again. Although I am so glad that we have soup, chili and fresh fruits and veggies at home for lunches.

Plans - Work dinner. We have co-workers in from out of town.
Dinner - Crave - I am excited about this because I can have sushi which is relatively low in calories and fat and I love it!

Plans - Movie Screening The Woman in Black
Dinner - We haven't decided yet, but it may be Poor Richards, just need to check the menu to see if there is stuff on there that would work. The other nice thing is that this is in a mall, so I can get a mile or two of walking in.

Plans - Movie Screening This Means War. Excited to see this one, I love Reese Whitherspoon!
Dinner - Seven downtown. I have an Opentable Spotlight certificate that is going to expire. This restaurant has a Steak dining room and a sushi dining room. I chose the steak dining room as I know the boy is not a fan of sushi. I am sure we will find something.

Plans - Movie Screening Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Dinner - this screening is in Uptown and there are a few new restaurants I have been wanting to try, but I am going to leave this up in the air at the moment.

Plans - Birthday plans with the boys parents. We are taking them to dinner and a show.
Dinner - Vic's, one of our favorite places and this will definitely be a steak night.

Plans - Birthday plans with my niece and nephew, G & G. We are all going bowling and having a pizza party. Should be fun. Later that evening the boy and I are going to the Opera which I am really excited about. We are seeing Werther, which will be subtitled. I cannot wait! We went two years ago, but have not gone since. We will have to decide on somewhere for dinner which may be tricky since the St. Paul Winter Carnival is going on, and the theater is right in the midst of the activity.
Dinner - out, somewhere!

Plans - we still have a few movies we need to cross off of the list for the Oscars, so we are going to try to catch one or two of those. Then we are off to the boys aunt and uncle's for the big game. Still trying to decide what to make. . . .
Dinner - Appetizers and munchies during the big game!

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Unknown said...

It sounds like you're going to have a fun week.