Thursday, December 15, 2011

Curling - not my hair. . . .

I am traveling for work again this week, and last night we had a team outing. Since half of my team is in one location and the other half in another, it is fun to get together to socialize and do fun things when we are all together. I had planned a happy hour and dinner out a while back, not realizing that it was Curling League night. Three members from my team are on the league and played at different times. They have a heated observatory above the playing area where we could have some cocktails and watch. So we picked up some cocktails (byob of course) and sat back for some entertainment. In between matches we went across the parking lot to the American Legion for some dinner.

We had an awesome time, were able to catch up with one another and even had a little work talk. Its nice to enjoy a night out with the "locals" too!

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