Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grillfest 2011

A good friend of ours had come up with this idea last winter that we should all get together and cook at his house. Different challenges every 6 months. In September we had Grillfest/Tailgate 2011. It was wonderful. The challenge is to make something that is outside your comfort zone, experiment, try something you have always wanted to. There are always some fabulous dishes, this one was no exception!

Lots of hustle and bustle in the kitchen prepping food
 Lots of mixing and mingling as well!
 The star of today's event! The GRILL!
 Literally, manning the grill! We had a picture perfect day for late September!
These were no ordinary jell-o chots. . . .
 But Chocolate Martini jell-o shots with Godiva liqueur and vanilla vodka with shaved chocolate on top, SO good! And almost too pretty to eat!
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, num!
 The boy made a very good beef and pork chili that was delicious!
Fresh baked bread, oh did that smell good!

Rib-eye sandwiches, NUM!
They had all the fixings and were absolutely delicious!

Cured salmon, this was SUCH a treat!
Beer can chicken, two different ways!
They were both delicious!
And tender!
Grilled pizzas were also a lot of fun!
A fig and prosciutto
And a margherita
Lots of thought and planning went into all of the dishes
These went quickly!
Chefs mingled and enjoyed wine while waiting their turn to prep their dishes and man the grill
Puppies were invited too!
Both shrimp and lamb!
Curry Fries
Mussels, these were my favorite I think!
Lots of eaters and prep helpers and all around an awesome day and a great way to spend a sunny fall afternoon!
I can't wait for Foodie Fest Winter '12!

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Jacky Hackett said...

What fun! Looks like quite a feast.