Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Point and Shoot Recommendations and Help!

Last fall when my pocket book was stolen, my point and shoot camera was stolen along with it. As well as all of the pictures that were on my camera. I am getting much better about downloading the pictures on my camera on a regular basis now, I would hate for that to happen again. But my biggest problem is the fact that I replaced my camera that I had (which I was on my third model of) which I absolutely loved and always took great pictures for me. . .
With this one based on reviews and recommendations
The boy and I have both noticed the quality in pictures is very different. I can't take pictures quickly. It just doesn't seem to be working for me. I love to take pictures and share them with others, and I always have this camera on me. Eventually I would LOVE to take a photography course and buy a camera like this
But with all of the house projects, this is not in the budget. . . for a while. . . so in the mean time, I am thinking a new point and shoot would be a great idea. I may even try to sell my Nikon Coolpix on Craigslist, or I may keep it as a back up. I would love any recommendations. I did look into this last fall when I bought this one, and it did come highly recommended, my sister said it was a great camera, but do I just stick with what I know and get a new Sony Cybershot. I have had Sony digital cameras since 1998 and really enjoyed every model I have had.

What about Canon? Panasonic? Olympus? Would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations, anything that they use? I know so many people just use their phones now, but I guess I still like to have a point and shoot as well.

Thanks so much!


Jacky Hackett said...

I have always used Canon, though have never been completely happy. The latest model I have is far too slow. It is virtually impossible to take candid pictures of the kids with it, they move before the picture snaps. Sorry not much help on this! I tend to rely on Amazon for reviews and best sellers. Also, if you go to Flickr under Explore there is a camera Finder option. Let's you see what is popular and also see what photos taken from the camera look like.

Kim said...

I love my Canon PowerShot. It's a SX110IS. It has a 10x optical zoom and 9.0 mega pixels. I realize that this is now an older model but I always get compliments at the images I'm taking - especially from the people behind me at concerts!