Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's On My Desk

I am playing along with Trish for Pink and Green Thursday, since most of my office is Pink and Green!

I still need to post my office transformation, but we have two outstanding items, a light fixture and crown molding, so I decided to wait until those two things are done. I am hoping the crown molding will happen this weekend and my light shortly there after. But I spend a lot of time in my office, working from home most days, I have only been going into the office one, maybe two days a week for the most part, I am sure that will change when the weather gets nicer, but for the most part, I am SO much more productive from home rather than being in the office.

Thought I would share with you what the view looks like here.
I bought my desk shortly after I moved back to Minnie, and I really like it, but it is a little small. I had my bulletin board and my lamp shade made when we moved in, knowing I was going to be going with a pink and green theme in my office. My pink blotter I found at Home Goods and fits in perfectly. The decal on my laptop I love, and was purchased here.
Some things that are always in close proximity, for just in case, lip stuff, love the Jolly Rancher green apple, the thing holding my pens is actually a flower frog, and it works perfectly. I love pens. . . . more to come on that. The lotion is WONDERFUL, I think that is my second bottle. My friend sent it to me in a box a of goodies a year ago, and I am hooked!
I have a monogram stamp from here, which comes in handy. I also have a picture of my darling niece Gracie from the American Girl Fashion Show last year, a 20Q game, in case I even need a distraction, my stapler, which is not pink, I think I need this one instead (its from See Jane Work, and of course pink is out of stock)
Or how about this one?
Or I could go green?
Which one is your favorite?
I also have a cute pink little tape dispenser, did you see it? The boy put that in my stocking, I just love it. The pens there are again in a very old flower frog that is completely rusted. Those are my cool pens, one of them lights up, one has a flower, one has a pink boa on top of it, and then my sciccors, which should also probably be pink, no?
Now to the right here,
My pink little hole punch, comes in handy. That little blond figure, I have no idea who she is, but when my nephew Grant was 3 or 4, he got her in a kids meal from somewhere, and quickly exclaimed that Auntie Jilly had her own action figure. Hmmmm. Then he gave her to me, so that I could have her. I look at her, and it just cracks me up. The little monkey is another stocking stuffer from the boy, who is a monkey, and I love the scooter girl who has a clip on her and can hold things. The lamp was from an estate sale, but it was interesting to see a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic reproduction of the same lamp shortly after I had purchased this one, at Target. I also have a current picture of my darling niece and nephews, they are too cute! And my key fob to get into my work stuff. I would be lost without that. I have Lilly stickies too. Gotta love the Lilly.
I always have a glass of water, one of the perks of working from home is that I can actually keep re-filling it throughout the days as well. I also have my Kate Spade day planner, with a Lilly Trouble Hibiscus pen. My mouse pad is a Lilly notepad as well.
So much more comfy working from home. I am on back to back calls or in back to back meetings all day anyway, so it is not like I have time to mix and mingle with my co-workers. Much more productive from home too!

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