Friday, March 11, 2011

Things I am digging!

I am really done with winter around here. . . I am so ready for spring to join us.

I am ready for spring clothes, spring colors, not wearing a heavy coat, boots, OH BRING ME FLIP FLOPS! (I need a pedicure first).
 Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently. . .

I love Talbots spring catalog, this will definitely be my go to skirt all spring and summer and most likely fall!
Oh and how about this green one? NUM!
And this dress. .. oh!
And I know I will need some nice french terry sweats from Eddie Bauer to lounge in up at the lake
And I don't know what these shoes will go with yet (besides everything) but I love wedge espadrilles, they are SO comfortable and SO cute! (Ralph Lauren Zappos by the way)
Now I just need to weed through my closet and get rid of things so that I can make room for a few things!

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