Friday, March 04, 2011

Vacation Re-cap - Part 2

After checking into our uber cool hotel, The Hudson, I needed to lay down and try to feel better and gather myself. I felt so badly since this was the boys first trip into the city and I wanted it to be fabulous.

Our room was teeny tiny, but in reality we hadn't planned on spending much time there. I did though :(

After laying down a bit, we decided to head out and check some things out. No plans really since I wasn't sure how far I would get or how I was feeling. I showed him Times Square where we found the TKTS booth and decided to buy tickets to see Million Dollar Quartet, where my high school classmate, Jared Mason, was playing one of the lead roles, Carl Perkins. 

We decided to find dinner somewhere first, one of my favorite little trattorias Carbone's on W 38th.  I had a very delicious and simple plain pasta. I tried to start with some soup, but the boy wound up eating it. All in all a very good dinner, and then we did the brisk walk back to the playhouse to catch the show. We had great box seats and really enjoyed the show and Jared's performance. 

The next morning I was feeling better so we decided to head out, check out Central Park and some other sights, grab a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, and hit Chinatown.

After a nap back at the hotel, we decided to head to the Village for some French food, num. But first, a stop by Dylan's Candy Store, num!
One of my favorites it was so nice and cozy, great place for a nice quiet dinner, the food was wonderful. . for a bit anyway. We had not even finished dinner when I started not feeling too hot again. .  .rough night.

The next morning we were due to head out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, unfortunately I had to watch the boy head out alone. But he did have a couple of hot dogs from a cart and enjoy himself.

After he came back we decided to try heading out to Top of the Rock. It was a rough one for me, but I knew how important this whole trip was to the boy too.

After another quick nap, we headed over to our friends J & K from CT. The hotel we stayed at was only two blocks from their apartment. It was so great to see them, they have a beautiful apartment and it was nice to just stay in with them and enjoy spending time just catching up. They had some pretty big news for us as well, a little one on the way!!! I cannot wait!

We had a nice time, but I am looking forward to going on another vacation where I can actually enjoy myself and be healthy. Coming home to a dry basement would be nice too!

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