Monday, January 10, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 2

Well, I didn't completely stick to our plan last week, but at the same time, we didn't do too badly and we only ate out once, and that was my goal. I am going to try for the same again this week as well. There were a couple of things that I didn't get to last week, that I will make for this week. We still have a ton of leftovers for lunch too which is nice. I also made another egg bake on Sunday for brunch for us, and we have really enjoyed having it for breakfast all week.

Plans - Home
Dinner - Penne Gorganzola with Grilled Chicken that I didn't make from last week This was SO SO SO good!

Plans - Tuesday Night Supper Club
Dinner - Not sure. Our friends L & J have started this, and just invite random people and we bring something to drink and they provide dinner.

Plans - Home
Dinner - Soup and Sandwiches

Plans - Home
Dinner - Pork Chops with apples and mashed potatoes Leftovers

Plans - Home
Dinner - Sammy's Pizza that we have in the freezer

Plans - MN RollergirlsWork :(
Dinner - Out in St. Paul somewhere Late lunch out with the boy, popcorn and a movie at home later.

Plans - Most likely out to the boys parents Work :( My sister and her family came over to celebrate G & G's birthday's
Dinner - Not sure if I will bring dinner or not. Pizza from Target deli (terrible) cake!

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Bridget said...

I kind of like it when there is a mixup in the week and you can send one of your planned meals over to the next - less to think about :)

I'm *trying* to plan better with ingredients I have on hand to make less trips to the grocery store or to at least lower my grocery bills - (ie your pizza in the freezer)