Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Goals '11

Last week I posted my 11 in '11, but one of the longest and toughest goals to achieve is going to be #6, which is really 12 goals in itself. But I wanted to break down each one of these so that I have a better idea of how we can feasibly achieve this one.

My Office
Here is what needs to be done and the supplies that are needed
Trim painted - have paint
Closet doors painted and trimmed out - have paint
Walls painted - Antique Pearl - have paint
Blinds hung - purchased from Lowe's
Curtain rods hung - purchased from Lowe's
Curtains hung - purchased from Target
Chairs covered - materials bought, just not sure how to do it
Mirrors painted and hung - paint - done
New light fixture - still looking for this. . . 
Shelf hung
Three plate shelves hung

*I think this is achievable this month, as long as we can find the time to do it.

Guest Bathroom - we found a couple of pictures back in September to use as our inspiration for colors, so this room should go pretty quickly.

Cabinet painted - have paint
Mirror hung - have mirror
Light fixture changed (this was done by dad)
New faucet - purchased
New towels
New bath accessories
Paint (still need to finalize the color and purchase)
Paint trim and door - have paint
Shower curtain
Bath rug
Window Curtain - purchased material - need to figure out how to make it into a curtain
Hang pictures - purchased

Guest Bedroom - this one is going to be trickier because we haven't thought about this one to much and right now it is just a dumping ground for anything that we can't figure out where it should go.

Clean out and organize my clothes that are all over the place in there
Purchase box spring and mattress (need to decide if I can have this converted to a queen or do we go double)
Need to choose color - paint
Curtain rods
Paint Trim - have paint
Line drawers
Alarm clock
Bedside table
Pictures for walls

Items in Italics are still left to do. . . .

This is only the first three months, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

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