Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 4

This past weekend was the first weekend in months and months that I took the whole weekend off from work and just checked out. I did not check or return emails, no calls, no work at all (after 11:00 pm Friday anyway). I had Summit duty on Saturday morning and was able to re-stock our beer supply. We also finished painting my office, put up blinds, hung curtains and got the furniture put back in place. It is not "quite" done. We have a couple of finishing items left, but I am really happy with the way that it turned out. It makes some a big difference in here and I love working from home in my office. I have only been spending about 2 days a week in the office lately, so having a good home work environment is pretty important to me. This week is a mish mash until we get to the weekend, but it is shaping up something like this!

Plans - Errands with sister J.
Dinner - Boneless pork chops, red and green pepper saute with mushrooms and zucchini, white rice

Plans - Home
Dinner - Black Bean and Ham soup that I was going to make a couple of weeks ago

Plans - Sister J dropping off Max so that we can doggie sit for a long weekend. She is going to FL until Tuesday, lucky duck!
Dinner - Out to dinner with Sister J

Plans - Happy Hour with co-workers Worked late
Dinner - Dinner out with co-workers Ordered pizza

Plans - Shop for Chili cook off We screwed up, tonight is the Chili cook-off. . . .
Dinner - Probably a frozen pizza. . . Chili

Plans - Chili Cook off and wines of Chile get together with the Twin Cities Wine Enthusiasts Now we have a free day and night :)
Dinner - Chili (duh?) I will post our recipe from our cooking class soon! Who knows!

Plans - Taking the boys parents to a matinee play, dinner and back to our house for birthday cake!
Dinner - Murray's Steak house, cannot wait!

For more meal plans and recipes, check out the Orgjunkie.

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Jill said...

Jilly! I've missed reading your blog...Can't recall if I commented already that I got divorced this summer so I've been out of the bloggy world for a few months. My blog is hidden (not private) but I hope to have it back up and running sometime this spring. Oy. What a rollercoaster. So now I get to read all about your HOUSE! And I love the post below about your office. Hope 2011's been good to you so far!