Tuesday, January 18, 2011

House Update - Jilly's Office and Master Bath

So we finally found pictures that we love for the master bath. I found these at Home Goods a couple of days before Christmas. I wasn't even looking for them, of course that is when you find something! I love the colors.

So now we have moved onto the January project, my office. And I love the color we have picked out, Behr Antique Pearl and the closets and trim have been painted white and I am loving it so far (we are no where near done yet, but hopefully the boy will get another wall knocked out tonight), but what I am really questioning now and could use your help with, is the accent color. Right now it is green, and I have a ton of green accessories, but now I am kind of thinking of going with a gray accent. I want to accent the doors like this from Centsational Girl, this is where my inspiration came from, 

and I was going to accent my doors with the green, but now that this is on the walls, and I can see it, I am thinking a gray, what do you guys think? This is what the doors and wall look like now,

I do have a ton of green accents and accessories, but I also know with a little paint anything is possible. . .and I don't mind a little treasure hunting. Would love some input. My plan is to take and add the accent color to the closet doors. . . just need to decide between this green (Martha Stewart Beach Grass which is what we used in the 1/2 bath)
or a nice gray which I haven't quite found yet. . . .
Here are some of my green accent pieces which need to be replaced or changed. . .
My lampshade on my desk

My bulletin board
My lamps
And then I have a super cute tissue cover, wastepaper basket and bucket for my magazines (you have to picture this in Green).

I also have a ton of green and pink boxes and magazine holders, but I also know that I can cover and fix those as well should I need to. What do you think, a nice soft gray, or a bold bright green?


Jacky Hackett said...

Look good so far. I think the gray would look great with all the green accents you already have.

Kim said...

I was thinking the same thing... why not both? Some of your things could "turn" gray and others remain green. I love the combo of green, white and gray.

Anonymous said...

I love the artwork for your bathroom! Hmmm, think a little trip to Homegoods is in order for me!