Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wish List

So, I don't think the boy can shop without a list from me. I hate to say it, because I know I should be appreciative of a gift no matter what, but I just don't get why he can't put thought into anything really. I know he is not big on the whole gift thing, and I know it shouldn't bug me as much as it does, but, I would just love a special gift from him that I have not told him I want. Something special that he came up with on his own, that he put some thought into, not something I need, like towels or a pot or pan, not something I told him I really want like a bracelet that I emailed to him or something like that. Am I crazy? I am done shopping for him at this point, just waiting to wrap. I write things down all the time when I hear him mention something or I see something I know would be perfect for him, I guess I just don't think it is that hard? He even mentioned forgoing gifts this year and doing a trip this winter. I HATED that idea. I just can't even imagine sitting there on Christmas with nothing to open (not sure why we can't do a trip and gifts anyway). I know this shouldn't be a big deal. I know its not about the presents, but I do believe it is the thought behind it. My family always made a pretty big deal about presents, they still do. Maybe that is why I think this way.

He has gotten off very easy the past five years. The only person he has to buy gifts for or put any thought into is me. I take care of everyone else, his family and mine as well as our friends.  This year, I haven't really done much or done any shopping for anyone in his family, because realistically, I just haven't had time. But I think we are just celebrating with his mom and dad this year anyway, which makes life easier, and I have thrown out suggestions to him and ideas, but ultimately, I will leave it up to him this year.

He does do a lot to help me and support me, and that is a big gift in itself. But I would just love to have something that was special just to me from him, that no one told him I wanted and he just thought of himself, but something that has meaning too. He has bought me a lot of monkey stuff, which is sweet, and it makes me think of him, and I love my sock monkey hat, but how about something that is all me?

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smarti said...

I don't give my husband a "list" but I do feel the same way. I wish he'd come up with something special. Two years ago he called his mom then my mom to ask what he should get me. Shouldn't he know more than my mother-in-law? I try to think of things he'd really like or that he's mentioned. I'd like the same in return. Since that doesn't happen, last year I told his mom I'd like a gift cert. to my hair salon and some lotion. I really just wanted something that wouldn't come from Walgreens and that he thought, "My wife would love that." Someday maybe? Or maybe not.