Monday, September 27, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Hey there, still fighting the serious crud, but we had a really nice weekend away with my parents. The Fall foliage was beautiful and at peak, would have loved to have taken a few pictures, but I still need to replace my camera, which had 2000 pictures on it. . . .anyway, I shopped with my mom, the boy golfed with my dad, and we all ate some fabulous meals together and just hung out. It was a really nice weekend and after the hours I have been working lately, well deserved.

This week I have a ton on the ta-da list, a lot of it administrative for JLM and the Wine Club, but hopefully we will have some fun thrown in too.

Plans - work, not too terribly late, but too late to do anything else. . .
Dinner - red snapper, fresh tomato with fresh basil, Mediterranean cous cous

Plans - work. . . .
Dinner - filet mignon, fresh mushrooms, potatoes, fresh tomato and fresh basil (end of the summer. . . )

Plans - movie screening "Life as we Know It"
Dinner - The Independent, we need to use a groupon, expires today!

Plans - work. . . .
Dinner - this is a work in progress (okay, that and I have not been to the grocery store. . .in a while)

Plans - Wine Tasting
Dinner - Wine Tasting (I seriously hope I have some energy for this. . . )

Plans - Gangster Tour in St. Paul (this was a gift from the boys parents for his birthday) and a tour of the Wabasha caves
Dinner - we are planning on doing a late lunch early dinner with the boys parents, then I am meeting friends out for a 40th birthday celebration!

Plans - catch up at home, hopefully get a couple of projects crossed off of the ta-da list
Dinner - Al Vento (one of our all time favorites) with my sister and brother in law for the kick off to Restaurant Week, I cannot wait!

We have some fun stuff planned this week, I am just hoping that I have the energy to get through the week!!!

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