Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Major MIA

I know. I have not posted in forever, and a half. And I really miss it. But I am also missing the whole work, life balance at the moment and stuff is slipping through the cracks.

At the moment, I am sick, have been for the past two days. Strep, feel like I have been hit by a truck, that stuff. So I have been working from home. Which leads me to work. As of last week we are working mandatory 12 hour days and weekends. Yep, that's right, none of us have a life.

The house. No where near completed, unpacked, organized, any of that. BUT, we had all of our neighbors over for a little get together this past Sunday. I would show you pictures of the cute invitation and spread we put out, but. . . .

Last Saturday my sisters mini van was broken into while we were at my nephews soccer game and my pocketbook was stolen. SO mad. My camera was in it, with 2000+ pictures on it, so I am very sad. My phone, with all of my numbers and pictures as well. My jewelry with my favorite new Stella & Dot necklace (we had stayed at the boys house which is on the market still the night before due to the proximity to my sisters and I had taken my jewelry off and put it in my bag), all of my credit cards and cash, just stuff that makes me sad and I loved that bag. The thieves were able to charge on three cards and while I am not responsible for what they charged, they still got away with money and it makes me SO mad.

We had planned to have a house warming in mid October, but I am just not ready for it, so now, we are pushing it out to November, probably the 13th. UGH.

I wish that I had Samantha from Bewitched skills and could just wiggle my nose and things would be done. I have been keeping up on  as many blogs as I can, but I do miss my daily blog reading. I guess if anything good was to come out of this, I got a new phone out of the deal (which I was due for anyway) and it is fabulous and I think it will keep me better connected.

Not a lot of meal planning, we have been as busy at night as we have been during the day. Missing my movies, have hardly seen any.

Okay, off to go and either take a nap, or organize something. . . .


Suburban prep said...

Feel better soon

Kim said...

Awwww! Well if it makes you feel any better none of the movies that I've seen lately are worth it. :)

Feel better soon and if you need help organizing just give me a call :)