Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Meal Plan Tuesday?

Man, where does the time go? I feel like I have not posted in forever, and it basically has been! We are SUPER busy packing, getting ready and trying to enjoy summer. This past weekend was no exception! We attended a BBQ, went to watch the ponies race, caught Toy Story 3 in 3-D, spent some time with my parents and had another BBQ and attempted to spend some time at the beach. We also tried to get some packing in and just relax. The weather was pretty tricky this weekend, hot, muggy and rainy with some sun thrown in here and there. I checked the weather before we hit the beach yesterday (it was supposed to be sunny all day and then rain in the evening), we packed our bags, the car, and picked up sandwiches, set up camp, read, checked out the water and ate our sandwiches. Then the clouds rolled in and never left. We still really enjoyed our weekend and all of our activities, this was the first 4th of July since I have been here though that we weren't at the lake. A bummer, but we are also looking at the bigger picture.

This week, while we don't have a ton of plans, we will be busy sorting through things, packing and trying to get ready for a move.

Plans - Packing
Dinner - grilled chicken, penne pasta salad with kalamata olives

Plans - movie screening "Dinner for Schmucks"
Dinner - on the go

Plans - Packing
Dinner - empty out the fridge and freezer

Plans - Cleaning, Packing
Dinner - empty out the fridge and freezer

Plans - BBQ with friends
Dinner - BBQ

Plans - Historical home tour with the boys parents
Dinner - not sure. . . .

For real meal plans with recipes and real meals, check out the orgjunkie!

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Jacky Hackett said...

Oh hey, I tried that sheet of mozzarella for an appetizer this weekend. Not much luck. I just could not roll it tight enough without breaking it. Likely there is a trick to it. I ended up stuff it with basil and tomato and rolling it. slicing it and then chopping it fine. Threw it all in a bowl and served with flat bread. Delicious, just not as pretty as I had hoped.