Monday, July 12, 2010

Meal Plan Monday!

So. . . .we are still in limbo. This is a very unpleasant place to be. We can't make plans for weekends, or anything else. I have a hard time making meal plans because we literally don't know what is going on from a day to day perspective. I have not even packed a box since it is just so hard to get behind this. I am having a hard time getting excited about the house and decorating and such since it is all just so up in the air. I want to be optimistic, but I am just so afraid of having the rug pulled from under my feet. Bank owned properties, fun stuff. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I am dying to post pictures of our diamond in the rough, as soon as we get word that we are closing. . . the pictures are coming out! 

This week is tough, we are hoping to close, clean and start moving this week, so plans are loose at the moment.

Plans - HH with a couple of girlfriends. One just separated from her HS sweetheart after 21 years, two kids, ugh. She needs a night with the girls.
Dinner - HH at Crave

Plans - JLM Presidential Social for me, and Inception Screening for the boy (I really wish I was going to the movie too!)
Dinner - JLM Social food

Plans - Birthday party for a friend at an asian grill place
Dinner - Asian Grill

Plans - TC Uncorked Red, White and Bluegrass Picnic
Dinner - Picnic Fare

Plans - None at the moment :) (our back up plans at the moment are to head up to the lake if we don't close and move this week)
Dinner - most likely out since we have zero food at home

Plans - up in the air
Dinner - See above

See Saturday. . . .

Seriously, my big hope for the next couple of weeks is to have some semblance of normality and be able to be more myself again soon!!!!

For more meal plans check out the orgjunkie!

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