Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Crossing off the list - Lunch April

I met two friends from high school for lunch today. It was of course way too short, but I am looking forward to doing it again. B and I have seen one another quite a bit over the past year and we were pretty good friends in high school. S and I were acquaintances in hs, but I was also the type of person that didn't run with one clique but was friends with everyone and then of course had a few close friends.

We had fun catching up on life, their kids and current events which was fun. We had lunch at Three Squares which is a great little spot up in Maple Grove, which is closer for both of them and convenient when I am working out of our other office, which I am now doing two days a week. I have a big project that I am working on up here as well as physical therapy twice a week, so it all works out.

Looking forward to seeing these girls again! Crossing things off my list too!

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